Thursday, December 23, 2010

Break Me Off A Piece of That

Last night, I went to Union Street Station downtown with my dad to see Kenny Olson, the former lead guitarist for Kid Rock.

It was fun! Good father-daughter bonding :)

Today, I have primarily done three things: Eat, shop, and eat. Whoops, I guess that's only two things.

I did, however, work-out this morning. That makes the eating all day part more ok, right?

Over Thanksgiving break, I worked really hard at staying [reasonably] around my calorie limit. Sure, I went over it on some days, but I never really went overboard. This week, I've been doing about the same thing as I was over Thanksgiving: Not really counting calories, but still doing fairly decent overall. That died today.

It started with baked apple pie oatmeal this morning, then continued with bread w/ almond butter for lunch, followed by some cereal, and random snacking on pecans/cashews/blueberries + free samples at the mall etc. Sure, it's all healthy stuff, but healthy does NOT mean low calorie. My attitude right now? Who cares. I mean, I could be stuffing my face with Ben & Jerry's and Taco Bell. 2 years ago, that was the norm.

Now, what was the other thing I did today? Oh yeah, I shopped. FINALLY did my Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the disgusting last-minute shopping traffic at the mall/everywhere to do it, but it's all good. It's not like I had anything better to do, well besides eat.

After I finished my shopping, I made this fantabulous quadrouple layer Cookies 'n Cream Bark for tomorrow. What fun is reading food blogs if you never make any of the good stuff? ;)

Unfortunately, I made the layers too thick and after I pulled it out of the freezer at the end, it was practically impossible to break apart. I enlisted the help of my dad, who put his muscles into it.

This is the best he could do for now.

At least it still looks pretty :)

I'm going to let it sit out at room temperature for a little while and hope that it is easier to break after that. Lesson learned for next year: When the recipe says use a cookie sheet, use a cookie sheet. Otherwise, your bark is thick and unbreakable.

Luckily, it is still 100% delicious. 

Lastly, Ashley got her Christmas present early. As a high maintenance asthmatic cat (yes you read that correctly; my cat has asthma), naturally we have recently discovered that she is allergic to down/wool/everything so we had to buy her a new bed. First she sniffed it out.

Inspection passed. I think she's in lurve.

I'm watching you...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve :)


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