Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Just like that, another birthday has come and gone. I can't believe I'm 22 already; I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was sprinting out of bed and nagging my mom to drive me to the secretary of state to get my driver's license. That was 6 years ago. GEEZ.

Despite the fact that I think I'm getting old, yesterday was still a BLAST. Started with a great arm workout at the gym followed by a 2 mile run at the Civic Center. Then, my mom, dad, sister and I went to North Peak for lunch.

They have the most amazing pizzas at North Peak! I ordered the Chicken Pesto (plus mushrooms) and inhaled half of it.

Courtney and my dad ordered some kind of pizza that was on special but I can't remember what it was called. All I know is that it had bacon and goat cheese on it and it was pretty much amazing.

My mom also made my favorite homemade pumpkin cake and brought it to the restaraunt.

*wipes drool from face*

My parents got me a new pocket-sized digital camera for my birthday. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot and I like it so far, but I haven't really had time to figure out how to use it. I really wanted another camera for two reasons: 1) I want one that fits in my pocket/clutch so I can take it places when I don't bring my purse and 2) I wanted a spare because since I started blogging, I have become extremely dependent on cameras :)

I also got this:

Times Six:

All I can say is, happy birthday to me :)

After lunch, I got a special visit from Eric! He's my roommate/best buddy and was on his way back down to Grand Rapids all the way from Iron Mountain (which is in the Upper Peninsula). Gotta love friends who drive 6 hours to see you :)

We met up with our friends Elena and Phil down at Bubba's (yes, I went back there for another veggie burger) and then went to Minerva's to grab a couple drinks. It was a lot of fun and I'm really glad they went out!

After Minerva's, Phil, Eric and I went to Kilkenny's for another round and then called it a night. I have to work today and Eric's gotta make the drive down to Grand Rapids so we couldn't get too crazy ;)

Speaking of work, I'm off to go hop in the shower and start getting ready. Hope you all had fabulous nights as well :)

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