Sunday, December 19, 2010

Midnight Sit-Ups

Earlier this semester, I got the idea to do the 200 Sit-Ups and 100 Push-Ups challenges from Caitlin. My roommate decided to do it with me and we kept on top of the sit-up and push-up schedule for the first few weeks, but then we got busy with school and then it was Thanksgiving break and then all the sudden weeks had gone by with no push ups or sit-ups. We decided we were going to finally finish this stupid challenge while we were home over winter break. I was supposed to do mine yesterday, but of course I worked all day and then sat in front of my computer all night and forgot.

At approximately 12:15 am as I am getting ready for bed, I get a text that reads, "How'd those push-ups go?" The conversation continued as follows:

Me: "oh, crap.."
Eric: "Get your ass up and do em"
Me: "Come on I'm about to go to bed!"
Eric: "...."

5 minutes later, I was doing this.

Here's my whole thought process here: When you suck at dieting and people know it, skipping out on scheduled workouts only makes you look worse. Therefore, I try to avoid that as much as possible.

Before my unplanned midnight workout, I prepared my breakfast for today. I am totally in love with this breakfast cookie recipe that I got from The Fitnessista.


Mix it all together (Official recipe and video tutorial here) and put it in the fridge over night.

The finished product: A chocolate cherry breakfast cookie.

YUM! I love these things, but I've been eating them almost every day for the past week and they're a little high on the calories (anywhere from 350-450 depending on what you put in them). Mine have been hitting just over 400 calories when I make them with dried cherries and walnuts. They are super healthy so I don't feel guilty about eating them, but that's about 100 calories more than I usually shoot for with my breakfasts and I really need to start sticking to my calorie limit. Tomorrow morning it's back to my fallback, cereal and egg whites :)

I'm off to go make up a workout regimen for the next 3 weeks. I want to start lifting every day again like I used to. I miss that. Have a good night :)


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