Friday, January 14, 2011

35 Or Less

Today after class, I did the P90X Stretch X routine with Aimee. It was relaxing and it was nice to get some quality stretching in before the race tomorrow, but dang it was long. In fact, all of those P90X DVDs are very time consuming. I've been watching her do them all week and let's just say that if you want the results, you've definately gotta put the time in. Aimee's been working her little butt off (literally)!

Tony Horton cracks me up. He's a big fan of breathing. Do this stretching DVD if you get a chance; you'll see what I mean.

Lunch today was a ham and egg mess on top of a whole wheat english muffin:

Plus some unpictured dates for dessert. I'm also currently snacking on this yogurt as I type this blog:

Eric and I are heading up to Mt. Pleasant in a couple hours to crash at Melissa's for the night before tomorrow morning's race. Thank you Michigan weather for forcing me to pack 80 bajillion articles of clothing to layer myself up with. Then again, I guess the name of the race is the Snowman's 5K/10K/Half Marathon.

Bring on the snow. That's right, bring it.

Time to go put together a rockin' playlist to get me through 3.1 miles of hell running. Eric says if I don't fnish in under 35 minutes then he'll consider it a personal failure on his part and that means he probably isn't pushing me hard enough at the gym. So basically, I have to finish in 35 minutes or I'll be regretting it for the next two months. Wish me luck.


  1. I have never tried the P-90x but ive heard it is SO hard!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  2. Rock it out Krista!



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