Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Breakfast Worth Running For

What got me through my treadmill workout this morning?

Thinking about these.

Those would be white chocolate coconut peanut butter cinnamon pancakes, with white chocolate chips on top. Can you say foodgasm?

I have seriously been dreaming about these pancakes since yesterday. Even though I was totally worn out after my workout today, I literally bolted out of the gym because I was so excited to go home and make these. They're as easy to make as any pancakes. Simply prepare a pancake mix of your choice:

I followed the directions exactly as they were on the box, plus added cinnamon because cinnamon makes everything better. Duh.

Then cook those suckers up on the stove:

And finally top them off with these:

You can obviously add any nut butter and toppings that you want. I plan on trying them with each of the six nut butters that I got for my birthday.

If I die tomorrow, at least I'd be happy now that I've had the chance to experience this breakfast.


In other news, today is Wednesday, aka weigh-in day. My weight on Saturday was 174.0. Today my weight is:

BAM! So long Christmas weight, it wasn't nice knowing you ;)

I couldn't be happier with my progress so far. I'm eating more than I ever have when dieting and I never feel deprived (obviously, if I'm eating things like white chocolate chip peanut butter cinnamon pancakes). I think eating more and compensating for it by working my butt off at the gym might just be the key for me to lose the rest of this weight. It's definately working so far!

Just wait, those muscles will be poppin' in a few months ;)

Off to get ready for lab. Have a booty-kickin' day everyone and GO MAKE THESE PANCAKES!


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