Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do You Have This in a Smaller Size?

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the afternoon shopping for some jeans to wear with my new boots. I hit up Old Navy and grabbed three different styles, all size 14 (which was my current size). Old Navy's clothes run a little big, and I wasn't crazy about the way any of the pants fit. I decided to go out on a limb and grab the next size down to try on just for kicks.

A few minutes later, I stood in the dressing room in utter shock after successfully zipping up the first pair.

Then the next one.

And the next one.


No way, I did not just fit those 12's over my ass.

But I DID.

Please take a moment to imagine me doing a happy dance in the dressing room.

I exercised self control and didn't buy all three, though it was tempting to do so just so I could fill up my closet with size 12 jeans. However, I did buy one pair and I don't think I ever been so excited to buy an article of clothing in my life. This was the first pair of size 12 pants that I have ever owned. Seriously. In fact, as a growing child/teenager I'm pretty sure that I jumped from kids clothing straight to a size 16. Skipped right over all those women's sizes in between.

Old pants, meet new pants.

Those 24's could eat those 12's for breakfast ;)

I rushed right home so I could put on my boots and snap some photos.

My next pants post will be when I reach single digits. You can bet you'll be hearing about when I'm a size 8 ;)


  1. Congratulations!! :) I miss you!!

  2. thanks guys! I miss you too Elly, can't wait to see you!

  3. I know this is an older post but I love it! I especially thought it was funny when you said " a growing child/teenager I'm pretty sure that I jumped from kids clothing straight to a size 16". That's exactly how It was for me too. Then again kids don't go around weighing themselves or freaking out about weight as much as adults. Oh the good old days (sigh).



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