Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Fabulous Day With My BFF

Melissa and I had a fantastic day yesterday full of food, wine, and more food.

We started off with a short run this morning at the Civic Center. She did three miles and I did two. However, as you will soon find out, that run hardly made up for everything we ate later.

After showering and getting ready, we hit up the Silver Swan for lunch. This place is hands down my favorite local place to grab lunch. It is the cutest little cafe decorated with all kinds of little trinckets that you can buy. Plus, everyone is super friendly and knows us by name as a result of going there all the time in high school and in our early college years.

We started out with a lovely bread basket, as usual.

For our meals, I ordered the crab and mushroom risotto (which tasted much better than it looks, I promise!)

And Melissa ordered the falafel and hummus, which was amazing and I kind of wanted to steal it all from her.

For dessert, we split a lemon bar.

Mmmm...the whole time we were eating it I was thinking um, why are we splitting this again?

After lunch, we made an unplanned stop at a new cupcake shop in town called "Simply Cupcakes." We decided that since we were going wine tasting, we needed to make sure we had enough substance in our bodies to soak up that alcohol. Um, that makes the cupcakes ok, right?

Oh yes, they tasted as amazing as they look.

Then it was time to hit up the wineries! We headed out to the peninsula and had plans to hit up four wineries, but we spent an hour at the first chatting with the guy working there and then we only had time for one more! He was really nice and was really interested in how we are both on our way to good careers at such young ages. Or maybe he was just trying to sell wine ;) Either way, we got double the amount of samples that you're normally supposed to get :)

Next, we hit up Chateau Grand Traverse for a few more samples. I ended up branching out and purchasing a semidry reisling. I was proud of myself!

On the way back into town, we stopped at The Cherry Stop, which is a local shop downtown where they sell all kinds of cherry jams, candy, chocolate, and wine. They always have free samples, so of course we went in, sampled everything, and left. No one actually buys that stuff unless you're a tourist anyway ;)

After we got back to my house, we heated up some leftover white chicken chili and popped in our old home movies that we made back in high school.

It was a lot of fun watching them, but it reminded us how utterly strange we were when we were 15. Not that we're really that much different now, but wow.

Finished off the night by raiding through my closet and trying on my old clothes for fun and then watching the Bachelor that we missed on Monday night. It was a great day and I'm so glad I got spend it with Melissa :) Did I mention that we've been best friends for almost 8 years?

Can you believe I used to wear this skirt?

Well, I'm off to get ready for work. I skipped the gym this morning on account of the fact that I didn't sleep well again last night and I wanted to be somewhat functional while working all day. Only a couple days left here in Traverse City until I head back to Grand Rapids! Good thing I've got some fabulous plans for the remainder of my visit ;)

Have a great day everyone!


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