Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Fire of God

Last night, I had dinner and drinks at La Senorita with these lovely ladies:

This morning, I had a meeting with this after avoiding it for a few days:

The results put the fire of God in me and so now I will be eating these for lunch:

And this for dinner:


Ok, we all know that's a lie. I would never eat celery for dinner. However, I WILL be eating a large side of green beans with my lunch and I do plan on having either a salad or fish for dinner.

Apparently, when you eat cupcakes, wine, quesadillas and margaritas you put on weight. Who woulda thought?

I'll be back tomorrow with a real update and an actual weigh in. I've got packing to do, 8.5 hours of work after that, and then a date with these folks tonight:

Summer 2009

Hope your day is rockin :)


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