Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Dressed is Half the Battle

After 8.5 hours of running around at the pharmacy today, this was my attitude towards the gym:

In fact, I seriously think my bed was telling me to come sleep in it.

"I'm so comfy..."

Buuuuuuut. I kept thinking about my race on Saturday, and how I'm taking tomorrow off, and how badly I want to drop some L-B's before The Arnold, and I finally mustered up the motivation to throw my gym clothes on. Did you know that just putting on your work out clothes is half the battle? Once you're dressed and ready to hit the treadmill (or ellipitical or bike or weights or whatever) you are much more likely to actually get your butt to the gym and get yo' sweat on.

Once I arrived, I jogged a mile (10 minutes, speed 6.0), then did some ab exercises (crunches, planks, boats, side bends) and then pedaled on the stationary bike for 20 minutes. This workout doesn't even come close in intensity to the other six workouts I've done in the last week, but it was all I could push myself to do today.

I have this bad feeling that I am going to regret typing that, because I know that Jillian Eric is going to read it and totally kick my arse.

On another lazy note, I would like to introduce you to one of my obsessions: Sea Pak Light and Crispy Shrimp. This is definately another item where I say screw the preservatives and whatever else is added to it to make it taste good because you are just too delicious and too simple to prepare for me to care. I probably eat a box of this shrimp every week. Here's why:

Step 1:

Remove box from freezer

Step 2:

Place frozen shrimp on foil and bake for 12-14 minutes

Step 3:


Plus a nice shiny apple:

I double dog dare you to go buy this shrimp. I think it tastes like fried calamari that you get in restaraunts only it's not fried! Glorious.

What's your go-to "I'm super lazy tonight" dinner?

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  1. Those look yummy, I think I might try them! Our lazy night dinner is macaroni and cheese...probably the worst thing ever but it's just too easy and yummy! :)



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