Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Linkin Park Concert History

In honor of tonight being my 5th Linkin Park concert and because I won't have time to do a real post later today, I've decided to entertain you with a post about all of my previous concerts. Plus, blogging is so much more fun than paying attention to three hours of pharmacy law.

Projekt Revolution 2004
July 26th, 2004; Clarkston, MI; DTE Energy Music Theatre

This was not only my first concert, but it also marked the day when I met Linkin Park. I said 'hi' to all of the members (but was too shy to shake their hands) as I walked through the meet & greet and took pictures of each of them. Unfortunately, they had to be taken on a disposable camera and all of the pictures are at home in Traverse City. However, I do have some pictures from it that were posted on the fan club website after the show.

You can't see me, but I'm right behind this tall guy!

Of course, Pam was there. Never been to an LP concert without her!

Projekt Revolution 2007
August 22nd, 2007; Clarkston, MI; DTE Energy Music Theatre

Pam's friend, Michelle, joined us at this concert. It was a blast!

Minutes to Midnight Tour
February 16th, 2008; Detroit, MI; Joe Louis Arena

For some strange reason, Pam and I ALMOST didn't go to this concert! We were both really busy with school and had kind of lost touch with our fan girl sides. Then we realized that we simply cannot miss a Linkin Park concert or we'd regret it forever. Ever since then, we vowed to never miss them whenever they did an American tour; or at least not miss them whenever they came to Michigan.

This concert was amazing and we were so glad we went.

Projekt Revolution 2008
August 17th, 2008; Noblesville, IN; Verizon Wireless Music Center

That's right, for this concert we travelled to another state! It was so, so, so worth the drive.

We had the best seats ever and I got some of the best pictures I've ever taken at an LP concert!

We were pumped after the show and rocked out in the car while waiting in line to leave the arena!

There ya have it: my concert history with Linkin Park. I have no doubts that tonight's show will be just as phenominal as all of the other ones :)

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