Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pasta Sunday

I am pretty much in love with How Sweet It Is. Every time Jessica posts a new recipe, I wish I could dive face first into my computer screen and start gobbling up whatever she made. All of the recipes that I have stolen from her have turned out fabulous (although they are usually not as pretty) and tonight's dinner was no exception.

I made her 20 minute roasted tomato pasta, but it took me longer than 20 minutes because I decided to add some chicken to it and I had to wait for that to cook. Plus I'm kind of cooking-challenged.


In addition to chicken, I also added black olives because black olives = awesome. To make up for my added stuff, I only used one pint of tomatoes instead of two.

Ok, that's a lie. I only used one pint of tomatoes because I don't really like tomatoes that much.

There is also a high likelihood that I used way more asiago cheese than the recipe called for.

What can I say? It's cheese!

I LOVED this recipe and I'm not at all bummed about the fact that I'll be eating pasta every night for the next week.

So. good.

After dinner I worked on a school assignment, and then I was re-united with my old friends, Ben and Jerry. However, this time they came in a perfectly potioned container so I didn't even feel guilty about polishing off the whole darn thing.

Oh how I wish that a serving of ice cream was more than half a cup. Who ever came up with that rule anyway?

Off to hit the books. Have a great night everyone!

Are you skilled in the kitchen or do you need recipes for everything like I do? What are your favorite recipe sources?


  1. I need recipes for everything too! Oh my gosh whenever I check out Jessica's blog I am automatically hungry...everything looks amazing! Your pasta looks great too :)

  2. Yuuum that pasta looks awesome!



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