Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I wanted to tell you guys about something new I've been incorporating into my workouts lately called pyramid sets. The basic idea behind these is starting with a light weight and high reps for your first set, and then gradually increasing the weight and decreasing the reps for each succeeding set. I then do the reverse and start decreasing the weight and increasing the reps as I work my way back down the "pyramid." Pyramid sets are a great way to mix up your routine if you've hit a plataeu, or are just looking for something different to try at the gym. They help your body get used to training with different weights, and they also take you out of your comfort zone if you've never done them. Muscle confusion = results = weight loss. Works for me!

When I do them, I typically do 5 sets with the following reps: 20, 10, 5, 10, 20. I also take little or no break in between sets in order to maximize calorie burn, save time, and get a little aerobic workout out of it as well. Today, I did an upper body workout using pyramid sets that consisted of the following:

  • Biceps: Incline dummbell curls
  • Back: T-bar rows
  • Triceps: Pressdowns (using the rope attachment)
  • Shoulders: Dumbbell Presses

I didn't do chest today on account of the fact that it's still fairly sore from Sunday's workout. Plus, chest isn't really a priority for me and I usually only lift for it once a week.

Followed up my lifting with a 3.1 mile run on the treadmill. Finished in 31:12. Heck yes.

On my way out of the gym, I purchased one of these candy bars that one of the girls there has been selling for the past week for her nephew's school fundraiser. (yeah I know, selling candy bars at the gym? Nice.)

However, at over 300 calories for the whole bar, this will definately be dessert for the next 3 nights.

Notice how the whole bar is actually 1.5 servings? Those sneaky chocolate people...

Oh, and I was pleased to find this little surprise on the back!

Pizza Hut = BEST PIZZA EVER. Period.


Last week, I weighed in at 169.8. Today's weight is:

Not bad, but I could do better. Perhaps a case of The Biggest Loser Week Two Curse? Eh. It's more likely a case of Krista ate too much chicken parmesan or Krista didn't work hard enough at the gym last week. Doesn't matter the reason, it is what it is. I'll be working really hard this week to try to hit 3 lbs for next week's weigh-in.

Speaking of Biggest Loser, did anyone catch last night's episode? Can someone PLEASE explain to me how BOTH members of the black team somehow managed to gain 9 lbs?! I'm sorry, but you have to be eating like a cow behind the scenes if you're on that show working out 6 hours a day like those guys do and still manage to gain weight. Mine and Eric's jaws literally dropped when we saw that. It's so sad when there's thousands of people who would give anything to go on that show and get healthy, and those two are on there sucking it up.

Anyone else ever done pyramid sets at the gym? What kinds of things do you do to mix up your routines?


  1. Could have been the doctored up "chicken and black bean chili" That hurt your cause but hey ya gotta live right? Great job on your journey! love Dad

  2. Forgot to add - Nice toes... :)



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