Monday, January 17, 2011

Why Mess Up A Good Thing?

Last year on Martin Luther King Day, a bunch of us all came to the unanimous decision that skiing > studying on our day off.

January 18th, 2010

Why mess up a good thing?

After wolfing down a giant bowl of oatmeal this morning:

Eric, Aimee and I hit the road for Cannonsburg Ski Area. I've been waiting all week for this!

How many people does it take to put Aimee's gloves on her?

Finally ready to hit the slopes!

Did you know that you save money and calories by packing your own lunch? We're all over that.

Hi, I'm Krista and I post unflattering pictures of myself on the internet.

This is how days off should be.

What's that? You want more of "What did Krista eat today?" Well, let me help with that!

The rest of my night is going to consist of spinning followed by The Bachelor studying.

Who's your least favorite girl on The Bachelor? I can't STAND Michelle or the vampire chick.


  1. Yea Michelle is DEFINITELY creepy.. I like the nanny or emily :)

  2. Nice ski Day! To bad you didn't have any powder like Courts and I had last night....As far as the Bachelor goes, I rather watch paint dry.....

  3. Michelle is definitely scary. I would not want to be left alone with her, haha! I like Chantal O. She's gorgeous, and she seems very real and down to earth. Glad you had fun skiing!!

  4. I like the nanny and Emily too! They're my favorite :)



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