Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cake Does Not Fare Well With Running

Now that I totally nailed my therapeutics exam yesterday, regular blogging shall resume now :)

We have had a chocolate cake sitting in our kitchen for the last two days because it was a friend's birthday yesterday and we had plans to take her out. Unfortunately, she ended up not being able to make it into town so we decided that the best thing to do would be to cut the cake into thirds and eat the whole thing.

I was so excited to eat it that I didn't think to take a picture until after I had already done some serious damage to my third.

Here's a running tip for you guys: Eating two pieces of cake before hitting the treadmill results in severe cramps and nausea. Therefore, I recommend eating your cake after you workout. I'm pretty sure that's how the order is supposed to go anyways.

After my epic fail at the gym, we went out to Malarky's for dinner.

This place had everything: salads, burgers, pasta, seafood, tacos...but what got my attention were the signature pizzas. They had a huge variety of different kinds and you could choose between a 7" deep dish or a 10" or 14" thin crust. I ended up going with a 10" thin crust spinach and mushroom with gorgonzola.

In case you can't tell from the picture, it was awesome.

After dinner we came back to our apartment and ate more cake had a few drinks. It's nice to just hang out with my roommates after an exam when we're not stressed and we can all just relax.

This is Eric's relaxing face.

After hanging out at our apartment for a couple hours, we went downtown to meet up with some of our classmates. It was too crowded to take pictures but it was a good time :)

Questions for you:

Have you ever worked out after eating junkfood?

Do you ever get cramps while you're running? Do you push through them or stop and rest?

Any fun Superbowl plans this weekend? I don't even know who's playing ;) 


  1. I have worked out after eating junkfood...yes, it is such a bad idea!! haha. If I get cramps while running, I usually end up walking though them unless its a race.

    Hahah I love how you said you dont know whos playing in the super bowl, i wouldnt either if my bf werent such a sports fanatic. I will be watching it just for the Black eyed peas and the commercials ;)

  2. Oh yeah that is recipe for disaster eating junk and then working out! Well at least you know not to do that again : p

    The cake look so good though! Glad you had a fun night out, and the pizza looks yum, love mushrooms on my pizza!

    Have a great saturday!!!!!!

    I will be watching the superbowl, my hometeam the steelers are in it and I love the commercials!

  3. Yes I have done time when I first started running, I ate lunch about a half hour before I went and worked out and I ended up getting the worst stomach cramps and felt like I had to puke within 10 minutes. Lesson learned :)



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