Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Singles Awareness Day

I definately have one of those "I'm single so I'm going to be grumpy all day and get annoyed by anyone who appears even remotely happy about the fact that it's Valentine's Day" attitudes. It's okay though, because this article gave me twenty reasons why I'm allowed to hate this greeting card holiday.

Don't worry, I didn't spend my whole day being bitter, only the first 12 hours. Despite my resentful attitude today, there were still plenty of things that made me not want to crawl into a hole smile.

Things like...

This lovely card, because my parents are awesome and they sent it to me:

I don't even care that it's about V-Day; it made me feel...special.

Chobani Greek Yogurt, because it's the first Greek yogurt that I tried and actually liked!

Roasted broccoli, because I hate vegetables but roasting them with EVOO and garlic makes them so much more bareable. 

By the way, that's cinnamon pecan salmon behind the broccoli, in case you're wondering :)

Spinning, because I could release all of my anti-Valentine's Day rage ;)

And lastly, this video, because I can only hope that my wedding entrance is half as awesome as this one:

What made you smile today? It's okay if the answer involves fun plans with your significant other ;)

Edit: Add Michelle getting sent home on The Bachelor to the list of things that made me smile today.


  1. Umm.. how about your BFF telling you she LOVES you at 8:00am!!!! I think that should have made your list!!

  2. What do you say ewwww....

  3. I cut myself off from FB since every single status update was all lovey dovey crap.

    I took the day off from work and took myself out to lunch, went to the gym, made a nice meal and now I am hanging with my dog, I'm happy. Plus, my sister sent me an awesome Valentine's Day package so that made me smile!

  4. Since my bf and I celebrated early, what made me smile today was the sunshine! It was so beautiful out today I didn't even have to wear my winter coat and switched to my spring one! :)

  5. I dont know why, but I totally thought you had a bf! You know what made me smile? Chobani on sale for $1 at Target! I never buy it, but I picked up the Pomegranate and Blueberry stoked! Have a great night! xoxo

  6. Awwwwww sweet that your parents sent a card ; )

    My fiance and I had a sweaty gym date for v-day last night ; ) it was legs day too , so Im going to be sore today : p

    We have our v-day dinner planned for Friday ; )

    Have a great day girl! xxoxo

  7. Love that you got your rage out in a workout!! Seriously working out makes EVERYTHING better!! Sometimes when I am frustrated I put on my sneakers and just RUN. And I run FAST. By the time Im done Im so out of breath and tired I forgot what I was mad about ;)



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