Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Stand Determined

I just got back from my first yoga class, and I loved it! Unfortunately, I felt like I spent more time thinking about the poses and focusing on my balance than I did on actually relaxing, but I have a feeling that's normal for first-timers. I definately had my moments though where I was so relaxed that I could have fallen asleep! I could chill in Child's Pose all day :)

Some more of my thoughts on my first yoga experience:
  • Get a spot in the back of the class if you don't want people staring at your ass the entire time. I feel sorry for all of the people behind me.
  • Socks are annoying, but there's no way they're coming off. I'm going to have to look into buying more "slip-resistant" ones. Are there any other weirdos out there like me who refuse to bare their feet during yoga and have some good sock recommendations?
  • My knee hurts. Bad.
  • I need to do some MAJAH toning in my arms! Holy Warrior II. It was like I had wings flapping around while I was standing there.

One last thing about the class that I wanted to share with you: We did headstands. Well, the other people did headstands. As soon as I heard the instructor say that's what we were doing, I thought, ha, there's no way these old other women are going to be able to do a headstand. Boy was I wrong.

Before she could even finish giving instructions there were legs popping up in the air all over the place. Ok, if they can do this, then surely I can, I thought. Um, not so much. I did manage to get my legs in the air, but only held them up for about one second before they fell forward onto the floor. I started to laugh at myself, and the instructor saw me and laughed too. After class, I told her that I'd be practicing that all week.

I bet she didn't think that I meant tonight.

You better believe I held that pose for a whole minute.

Please tell me that you didn't actually believe that.

I can say that I will be rockin' that headstand next week.

Have you ever been to a yoga class? How was your first experience? Any tips?


  1. haha rock that headstand! I'm so clumsy I fall every time =)

    glad you loved yoga! I wish I had classes at my gym! we have spin, abs, full body, and some random late night zumba -- but thats it! no yoga -- womp womp!


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. on the P90X yoga they just stay in the position with the elbows on the knees (crane?) and that's hard enough for me! I have weak wrists so I guess I should work on that :) Great job at the yoga class!

  3. Haha, I love your headstand pictures!! I don't even want to attempt trying one!

  4. Wow thats awesome! I used to be so into yoga but never could do a headstand. I have a hard time getting myself to do yoga because Id rather just run or something, but yoga can be such a hard workout and I always feel so good after! Maybe I need to get back into it...

  5. practice doing headstands against a wall. Keep yourself about 3-4inches away, that way if you start to tip you can gently push yourself back to the correct position, eventually you won't need the wall anymore. That's how I learned how to do handstands for gymnastics

  6. I've only done yoga DVDs - and no headstands were involved. Haha but now i kinda want to try one!

  7. Hi, pretty impressive, Krista, on the headstand pictures. It looks like it takes a lot of upper body strength and balance. I think I'll try them. Maybe I better wait until your dad gets home in case I fall and break something.

    Love, Mom

  8. Me and my hubby is currently doing Yoga at home. The kids is also joining in :)
    We started on Sunday and my hubby is so stiff from it since yesterday. But we are enjoying it so much though. Our first experience was that it is hard this Yoga but we quite like it.
    Must say, you surely rock that head stand. Some more practice and you will rock it even more :)



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