Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great weekend! I've been having a blast here at the Michigan Pharmacist Association Annual Convention and Exposition. It's held on the last weekend of February every year at the Detroit Renaissance Center for pharmacists and students. It's a great networking opportunity and it's always fun chatting with other students as well as getting advice (and connections!) from other pharmacists all around the state. Here's a brief rundown of our weekend!

We (Eric, Aimee, Brad, Gina and myself) arrived Friday afternoon and picked up our registration packets, ate some Subway, and then headed to the Student Social.

The "ambassador" part of my name tag indicates that I was participating in their Adopt-a-Student program, where a pharmacist agrees to "adopt" me and pays for my dinner ticket to the Annual Banquet on Saturday night. In exchange, we students help out at one of the various CE (continuing education) classes that they offer for pharmacists all weekend.

Saturday I had to be up bright and early to introduce the speaker at my CE and that was not very fun after being out fairly late on Friday night. After I did that, I hit up the hotel gym with Aimee and did about 35 minutes of cardio on the StairMaster and stationary bike. We layed around the hotel the rest of the afternoon and I napped a little before going to a student OTC (over-the-counter) Jeopardy-style competition.

Saturday night was the banquet, and that was a lot of fun because I ended up getting placed at a table with some pharmacists that work for the company that I intern at. I also love the banquet because we get all pretty and stuff ;)

Of course, CE classes and fancy dinners are not the only things that made up our weekend...we always squeeze in time for drinking with pharmacists at the hotel bar fun ;)

This morning I was itching to run since I haven't done it since my bloody blistered long run on Wednesday. My blisters still aren't healed but they're a lot better, so I wrapped them up good and gave it a go. I did a slow and steady 3.0 miles and it went great! Pretty stoked about that.

And now for your entertainment, I present you with these:

I'm off to make a humungo salad for dinner. Time to get back on track after a calorie-packed weekend!

Have a great night!

Have you ever been to a convention?


  1. Such pretty pictures!! I have never been to a convention but will be attending the convention for the american dietetic association this year. So excited :)

  2. I like that dress of yours - very pretty.
    Cool pictures you've posted.



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