Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't talk about it much on the blog, but I am actually fairly interested in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. I don't ever plan on competing myself, but I really like following the current events in that sport. I enjoy following the women's competitions the most: fitness, figure, and bikini. Amanda Latona is one of my favorite competitors. She is an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) Bikini Pro and I love reading her blog. She is so motivated, dedicated, and truely inspirational. I admire her tenacity and how hard she works to achieve her dreams. Plus, she has the most rockin' body I've ever seen ;) I can't wait to see her compete at The Arnold next weekend!!

Tonight I was pumped to hit the gym and do Amanda's glute work-out that's featured in the latest Muscle and Fitness Hers.

Holy macaroni this workout kicked my butt! (no pun intended..heh) I did all of it except the reverse lunges and I only did one set of the cable kickbacks because I was sort of having technical difficulties with the equipment. I also added in some calf raises to the routine. My booty's gonna be sore tomorrow, that's for sure!

Random: I have been eating the most amazing broccoli and mushroom casserole that I made on Sunday every single night this week. Even though it tastes foodgasmic, it's not exactly appealing in the looks department; hence the lack of pictures of my dinners the last few days.

Exhibit A:

Yeah, it pretty much looks like a pile of mush. But a delicious pile of mush ;)

I'm off to get some shut-eye, I'm leaving for a pharmacy convention tomorrow! Is it weird that I decided to get a jump start on packing but all I did was assemble my workout gear and sweats for the weekend?


Are there any sports that you like to follow or watch but don't actually participate in? Have you ever been to a fitness exhibition before or would you like to someday?


  1. I had a sorority sister that did fitness competitions for a while - crazy stuff! I totally admire women that can do that!

  2. I like to watch basketball but I dont participate in it because I like to watch Men's college basketball and thats obviously do not qualify! I think its great that you are interested in fitness competitions! I think you should train for one :)

    Chia seeds are just as good as flax seeds! Actually, someone told me that they might be a little better. I thought about presenting chias to my class, but figured flax are cheaper and easier to find so I stuck with those. The truth is that I eat chias every day and hardly ever eat flax (just dont tell my classmates! haha). Have an awesome time at the convention!!!

  3. I've never been to a Fitness exhibition but want to go to one in the future if they have one near me. I too like to follow Bodybuilding sports and people. I would love to do it myself one day.
    Broccoli usually cooks to a mushy state, so there is nothing wrong with your picture.



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