Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking It Easy

After being practically disconnected from the blog world for the last two days thanks to stupid school (note that I said practically; I definately took study breaks!), it feels great to be back and catching up on your lovely lives :)

Wow, could I sound any more stalkerish?


Anyways, it was positively GORGEOUS outside today!

Normally, I'd jump at the opportunity for a sunny run outside, but it was actually VERY windy. I'm also still getting over a cold so I decided not to push it and headed to the gym for a nice ride on the stationary bike :)

I borrowed one of Aimee's Cosmo's and lol-ed at this article while I biked:

Boys are so stupid silly ;)

Dinner is being eaten while I blog and consists of some leftover stir-fry that Eric cooked up the other day. He used chicken, brown rice, a couple eggs, and more oil than I want to know about. Lucky for me, he didn't like it very much (he's a white rice kind of guy) so I got a whole lotta leftovers. I added some frozen veggies for some color and, well, veggies:

Delish :)

The rest of my night is going to consist of more of reading your fabulous bloggies as well as catching up with a long lost friend:

Oh bed, how I am so looking forward to sleeping on you for 8+ hours tonight (assuming my stuffed nose lets me!).

Have a good weekend!

Do you exercise when you're sick, or do you take it easy until you feel better?


  1. Yay you made it through the week, hope your test went well! You had one right? I read your twitter thing on the side of the blog :) My workout mentality is always one point I would have gone to the gym even if I was sick (not if it was really really sick) but these days I have been taking a more laid back approach and would probably skip!

  2. That sounds like a perfect evening. And that's what I am doing tonight! I don't have anything to do in the morning until 10A so I'm looking forward to sleeping in!

  3. It really depends how sick I am. I struggle with exercise guilt pretty bad, so I usually make myself do something like yoga or some walking at least. I never just take the day completely off



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