Sunday, February 20, 2011

Target Made Me Buy It

Remember yesterday when I wrote about how sunny it was outside and posted a lovely picture of my dorktastic self in our backyard? Well, here's what our backyard looks like now:

And the snow's just gonna keep on coming:

Maybe another snow day is in our future...?

Yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up either. We're never that lucky.


Last night, Melissa came to visit! We went to Pietro's for dinner. Started off with some rolls:

And I went with the margarita pizza (+ mushrooms added) for my entree:

Could have used a little more cheese, but obviously that didn't stop me from eating it.

Melissa is much classier than I am.

After dinner we hung out at Meijer and then Target because that's how cool people spend their Saturday nights. At Meijer we stumbled upon some interesting things, like a can of green beans as big as my head:

I also wish I had a picture of the guy's face who walked by behind Melissa when she took this photo. It was like he thought we were strange or something for taking pictures of ourselves with giant cans of vegetables.

Target is notorious for making me buy all kinds of things whenever I go in that store that I had no intentions of buying. That's right, the store makes me buy it. Last night's random assortment included a jar of peanut/almond/cashew butter, a huge box of fruit strips, a casserole dish, and a hot pink sports bra.

I don't ask questions, I just buy what the store tells me to buy.

After our crazy night out, we came home and chilled with Eric at our apartment. I snacked on some of these crack-a-licious chocolates that Melissa got me for Valentine's Day because she's amazing:

I love low-key nights with friends. They're my favorite :)

Tonight's to-do list includes:

  • Submitting preferences for my pharmacy rotation sites (I start rotations in June!!)
  • Cooking a broccoli and mushroom casserole for dinner that I prepped this morning
  • Studying for my pharmacy law exam on Tuesday

Sometimes my life is so exciting that I don't know what to do with myself.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

How did you spend your Saturday night? Are there any stores that you can't walk out of without making a purchase?


  1. I spent Saturday night wishing you were out with us!!

    PS... Target has that same effect on me ;)

  2. My Saturday night was much less exciting. I just watched I,Robot with my boyfriend and went to bed :) And I'm trying to stay away from stores right now, it's so hard to resist spending money!

  3. Target and Barnes and Noble (or bookstores in general)...dangerous places for my wallet.

  4. Target for sure! I basically have a hard time leaving any good deal behind though, no matter what store/product! Haha. I have been studying alll weekend..I know you can relate! Sometimes I get jealous of the other bloggers who have real jobs and dont have to worry about anything on the weekends. sigh.

  5. Hey it nice to "meet" you haha. I really enjoyed reading your weightloss story! it was so inspiring keep it up!

  6. We also have a store like Target here where I'm from and it also make me buy what it "tells" me to buy :)
    I wish I could also have seen that guys face behind your friend - LOL! Wonder what he was thinking :)

  7. I think you may be holding my favorite nut butter in your hand :) Love that Target stuff!! Seriously I cant go into that store WITHOUT buying something!

  8. HAhaha you are hilarious! reading your blog always puts a smile on my face :)

  9. Oh, Target. I agree, there is something like crack in that store - i walk in for one thing and walk out with at least five!!

  10. target makes me buy SO much stuff. it is insane. good thing i have their credit card and save 5% haha



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