Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Pose Makes Me Look Really Skinny

Good afternoon friends! Hope you've had a rockin' Saturday so far :) I know I have!

I was still not feeling completely up to par this morning, but I was feeling much better; at least well enough for a run! Well, after I fully embraced the sunny weather, that is.

Yes, there is still snow on the ground but I braved the cold anyways because I am hardcore like that ;) I ran 3 miles and this time I timed it on my iPod: I finished in 30:24. All I can say is that I hope Map My Run is accurate because that's really good for me! Despite the fact that it felt like my chest was bleeding when I was done (probably shouldn't have pushed it so hard quite yet..), I was stoked.

I had a Caitlin-inspired grilled banana sandwich for breakfast before I ran, which I made with chocolate sunflower butter. Yuuuurrrrmmmmmy.

The rest of my morning/afternoon consisted of:
  • Catching up on Grey's Anatomy
  • Reading blogs
  • Laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Eating an epic salad
  • Being lazy
  • Munching on this yogurt bowl:

    Raw oats, strawberry yogurt, blueberries and chia seeds
  • Having a Myspace photo shoot

Wait, I can't cross that off. That really did happen.

What? You didn't post pictures of yourself with your mouth wide open
on YOUR Myspace?


Only MY duckface would be that crooked.

"This pose makes me look really skinny!"


If you still read my blog after reading this post, I will love you forever.

Alright ladies and gents, I'm off!

Does anyone even still have a Myspace these days?

I do, but I never use it. This photo shoot was for blog purposes my own entertainment only.


  1. Chia seeds??? As in Chia Pet?

  2. I use MapMyRun too :) but not Myspace anymore hehe

  3. Haha, Krista, you crack me up... as always. :) I'm glad you're having a good Saturday, and great job on the run!!!

  4. Haha I like the myspace inspired photoshoot :) I got rid of my myspace right after high school because I noticed there were some creepers on it, so I just devoted all my time to FB instead! I saw that sandwich on HTP and have been wanting to make it too!

    Im sorry you didn't like the thinkThin bar! :( i feel bad because Im always talking about them. I know some people say they dont like the taste, maybe I have just gotten used to it? I dont have a flavor preference, I'll eat them all :) I really like them though because they fill me up and have little sugar (although they do have sugar alcohols...) The thinkThin crunch bars are soo good that I cant even buy them! (like dessert!). Anyways, hope the rest of your weekend is fab and congrats on the great run!!

  5. U are too cute! Love the self portraits ! I do that sometimes, have a little mini photo shoot with my camera ; )

    I do still have a myspace but am never on it! its all facebook now !

    Have a great night love! xoxo <3

  6. Your grilled banana sandwich and the yogurt looked delicious! Bet they were just that : ) And I want your calendar! : P

  7. you're gorgeous! see Berg, you ARE good enough :). LOL

  8. weeeeeee for the sun and a run...and then entertainment with the camera! and my sis always try out tons of poses and spend way to long having photoshoots! :)
    I hope you are having a glorious weekend!

  9. I don't use MySpace anymore - Facebook is better for me :)



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