Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I originally saw this on Hungry Runner Girl (who is hilarious and you should go read her blog ASAP when you're done with mine). I'm pretty good at going off on tangents about myself so I knew this was right up my ally ;)

I now present you with three random facts about myself:

1. I hate feet. Bare feet, to be more specific. I don't like them touching me, I don't like looking at them and I wish it was socially acceptable to wear socks with sandals. It's one thing if they're protected by a foot condom sock, but if those nasty things get anywhere near me and they're bare, I scream and squirm and run away like a little baby. You can imagine how much of a kick my friends get out of this. In fact, if you're ever around us, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to witness a "foot attack," where Eric someone chases me around, catches me, and holds me down while rubbing their nasty, disgusting bare feet all over me. Come on, even if you don't hate feet, that's just gross.

I couldn't find any good attack pictures, but this one is from 2008 when it was so bad that I actually hated socks too.

Sorry Eric for posting a picture of your ass, but maybe you shouldn't be so mean to me.

2. I was a huge band geek in middle school and high school. I played the clarinet from 6th grade all the way through senior year. I was first chair in sympony band and symphony orchestra and was a section leader in marching band. I also played in the pit for the school musical and even played the saxaphone for a year in jazz band. All but a few a my friends were in band and those who weren't were known as the "non-band" friends.

3. My cat has a crushed ear. We got her from a breeder, and when she was a kitten she would always try to stick her head through the bars of her cage. This totally messed up her ear, and whenever the vet tried to straighten it out she just screwed it up again. It's okay though because it doesn't cause her any pain and she is still the cutest furball in the entire world.

She's also kind of a brat, and she doesn't even try to hide it.

Tell me some fun facts about you!  

If you did a Triple Tangent Tuesday on your blog be sure to comment with a link!


  1. Haha, if you don't have any photos, it probably doesn't happen. Plus, that photo is so 2 years old, I've grown up since then (here is where I would cross that out and put... "moved on to more severe forms of torture")

  2. LOVE THIS!!! Your poor kitty ha!! Still so cute though. Feet really are the grossest thing ever. So happy you did TTT gorgeous girl!

  3. I love bare feet on the other hand. I like walking bare feet almost always, even in the winter cause I hate shoes.
    You have a cute cat.

  4. awww poor kitty!!
    still super cute though!
    the band! wow you are talented! I wish I was more musically gifted, I get so excited
    I hope you are having a great wednesday!

  5. Oh man, i hate feet too!! Hate, hate, hate.

  6. Our kitty is sweet, adorable, and loves attention. She's only a brat when she hides her pills in her mouth and spits them out after I leave the room. Hey, Eric, stop torturing my daughter.





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