Monday, February 7, 2011

Winging It

I. am. so. sore.

Thank goodness spinning doesn't require much use of my upper body, otherwise I'd be in trouble tonight.

In an effort to complain to as many different people as possible today, I spent the last 10 minutes whining to my friend/classmate Kate about my sore muscles.

I'm sure that she knew it was coming since I know she has nothing better to do but religiously read my blog and I did mention my intense lift yesterday ;)

Now that I've met my whining quota for the day, let's back-track to last night. My facebook status pretty much summed it up:

Aimee made amazing BBQ wings and chili cheese dip (made with turkey instead of beef!):

Now, let me just say that I am not normally a wings person, but these were the BEST wings I have ever had in my life. Like, better than Buffalo Wild Wings. Better than anywhere.  

I had this plate, and then went back for two more plates of wings!

Now, in my defense, I did eat this salad before I ate all those wings and dip. That makes it ok, right?

Spinach, walnuts, sunflower seeds, feta, dried cherries and blueberries

Well, I can tell you what the scale had to say about it today, but I'm going to wait until Wednesday to get into that.

Before I leave, I know you are all just dying to see what I'm eating today while I'm stuck at school all day:

In the stash:
  • Raspberry yogurt plus fresh raspberries to mix in (morning snack)
  • Spinach salad plus protein bar (lunch)
  • Banana (afternoon snack number one)
  • Almonds (afternoon snack number two)

I'm off to get some work done!

What do you do to relieve sore muscles?


  1. Can you share her wing recipe? Mine never turn out well :-(

  2. Your in the GRMEP/Boardwalk building!! (I'm not a total creeper...I used to work in that building...)

  3. You're...not your. I need to learn to proofread before I hit post.

  4. Liz - Yes! I'll get the official recipe from her and post it this week!

    Mindy - Yes I am! This is where my classes are!

  5. ohmygosh those wings look SO GOOD!

    Krista you would hate my spin instructor -- she makes us to pushups on the handlebar. It hurts to type AND to walk! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Foooood! Best part of any sporting event ;)
    When I am sore I make the BF give me a massage...its the best! How do you like that OhYeah protein bar?

  7. Best part of our Super Bowl up here was the Olde Ore Dock Scottish Ale Growler (Bottle that contains 4 pints of draft) that we picked up from Keweenaw Brewing Company in Houghton on the way up. Yummy!



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