Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work It

First things first: I'm a week overdue for a weigh in. Since my weight has slowly been creeping up over the last few weeks, it's no surprise that I "forgot" to post it last week.

Three weeks ago, I was 168.4. Two weeks ago, I was 171.0. This morning, I was:

I'm all about using the "fluctuation" excuse, because a lot of times (especially if you weigh yourself on a daily basis) your weight does fluctuate up or down a couple pounds. However, four pounds over the course of three weeks is definately not a fluctuation. That's called putting on weight. I definately need to work on getting that number back down.


Other than announcing to the world how much I suck at losing weight, I really didn't have anything to blog about today. Therefore, I decided to do what any normal person would do and bring my camera to the gym with me.

Look at those guns ;)

Please ignore my horrible form in this next picture. I used to not be able to do tricep dips at all, plus I was laughing. I'm working on it, I promise!

Yeah, I'll just stand here and take pictures while you do curls.

After our photo shoot lift, Eric had me do some sprints on the treadmill. Here's what I did:

  • 7.5 mph warm-up, 2 min, 0 incline
  • 9.0 mph sprint, 30 sec, 0 incline
  • rest 30 sec
  • 9.0 mph sprint, 30 sec, 0.5 incline
  • rest 30 sec
  • 9.0 mph sprint, 30 sec, 1.5 incline
  • rest 30 sec
  • 9.0 mph sprint, 30 sec, 2.0 incline

After the 2.0 incline sprint, I just worked my way back down to a 0 incline. Also, not every rest was 30 seconds. Eric started to feel sorry for me because I probably looked like I was dying so a couple of the rest periods were actually a whole minute. I'd feel sorry too if the person next to me looked like this:

It was a good work-out though, and I obviously need someone to push me ;)

Right now I'm eating this big plate of sweet potato fries:

And drinking this protein shake:

Now go check out Maryann's awesome blog and enter her peanut flour giveaway! 

What do you blog about when you have nothing to write about?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Typically if I have nothing to write about then I just don't post. I used to try and post everyday but stopped after a while.

    Great job at the gym too! You'll see those numbers go down again in no time :)

  2. That workout sounds intense! Last time I tried to do sprints after lifting, well lets just stay it wasnt pretty :) and 9.0 is hard..good job!

    Don't let the #s get you down, tomorrow is a new day so you can start fresh :)

    As for not having anything to blog about, I have been having the same issue! I dont want to post a pic of my oats and salad bowls that I eat everday, so Im not posting daily and trying to think of creative things to write about, stuff that I would want to read on other peoples blogs.

    Have a great night!!

  3. I like this post of yours. Seeing where you exercise. Great stuff!
    I see you have a chocolate protein shake. I prefer mine to be strawberry or vanilla and I prefer Whey protein.
    If I have nothing to blog, I just don't blog at all.

  4. Sweet potato fries. Be still my heart. (off to get some now)

  5. Girl you had a sweat session workout! Dont you LOVE the feeling of a great workout?!

    Throw that scale away! Its all how you feel, you are beautiful, dont let that number control you ; ) keep up the working out girl and eating better, scales can be evil! I dont own one ; )

    Love ya!

  6. My pets! Obv! You've seen that first hand =) hehe

    My weight went up a few pounds too! I've been carb loading by accident now that i'm going to spinning 2x a week. What the frick?! back off cravings! I'm trying to be in control here!

    Those sweet potato fries look fantastic!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons



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