Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boyne Mountain: Day One

I briefly mentioned in my last post that Eric, Aimee and I were heading up to Boyne Mountain today, and we're officially here until Friday!

We didn't arrive until later in the afternoon, so rather than pay for a lift ticket when we have all day tomorrow and most of Friday to ski, we decided to hit up Avalance Bay, the indoor waterpark! It was so much fun, but I don't have any pictures because I wasn't about to lug my camera all over that wet waterland.

After we were done riding water slides all afternoon, we headed to the Trophy Room Pub & Pizzeria for some dinner.

I ordered a house salad:

And Eric and I split a Masters Pizza, which had chicken, green peppers, onion, tomato, and a garlic pizza sauce. It. was. awesome.

We spent the rest of the night chilling in the outdoor heated pool and the hot tub.

Warning: You may be blinded by my albino skin in the upcoming photos. 

At one point in the night, Eric hoisted me onto his shoulders and then flipped me off backwards. I popped out of the water and, grinning from ear to ear, exclaimed, "no one's ever done that to me before!"

Oh the little things you appreciate when you're a somewhat normal size.

Also, for your entertainment, here's a true Yooper boy in action:

Immune to the cold and totally nuts. I don't get it.

All in all, a great first day here at Boyne :) Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!

Anyone else on spring break or have one coming up? What are your plans?


  1. Indoor water park?! So jealous! My spring break is in april and no plans yet...I reallllly want to go to vegas but no one to go with! booo.

  2. I exactly know how you feel. Now that I am smaller than I was before, people can do stuff with me and I can do stuff that I and they couldn't before :) I know, it is such a great feeling - glad you enjoyed the feeling and that you are enjoying your break. Cool pictures.

  3. that pizza looks AWESOME. and this is my first year out of college, so I'm really missing spring break!

  4. You have always been beautiful Krista! You are just beautiful and HEALTHY and FIT now! Keep up the FANTASTIC work!! You won't be sorry!

    Julianne's mom!!!! :-)



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