Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Flat Terrain FTW

Not to brag or anything, but I totally rocked my run this morning.

I celebrated with a happy dance.

It was so nice running on flat terrain when I'm used to my hilly neighborhood, and it shaved 2 minutes off my 3.0 mile time from last week! Win.

My splits:

Mile 1: 10:02
Mile 2: 10:42
Mile 3: 10:47

Average Pace: 10:31

After my run I joined my dad and sister for a lovely father daughter lunch date at Golden Chopsticks.

"Hurry up and take the damn picture."

Is it just me, or does my dad look happier in the picture with Courtney?

We all got the buffet. Plate 1:

Plate 2:


After lunch I hit up Oryana and stocked up on bars. Their Larabars are only 99 cents! That's half the price that they are at my normal grocery store.

Then I did some damage at the mall.

In the Buckle bag: cute top
In the Maurice's bag: shoes (heels!), two tops for school/work, and two necklaces
In the Victoria's Secret bag: that's personal ;)

Alright friends it's almost dinner time! Mom's making something new that I've never had, but I do know that sweet potato fries are on the menu : D 

What are you favorite stores to shop at?

My favorite stores to shop for clothes are the Buckle, Maurice's and Target.


  1. I need some of that plate 2 action... YUM!!!! You eat so well at buffets! go krista!!!!!

    and that is one baller happy dance =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Congrats on rockin your run girl :) I LOVE Target and I also like Forever21 and TJ Maxx. Random places, I know :)

  3. Congrats on that run! I probs would have had like five plates if I was at a buffet at a place like that!

  4. Shopping therapy is always the best. Seems that you have enjoyed it :)
    Oh, big congrats to you on the run. That is awesome

  5. I've decided that I want to run, eat, and shop with you. You rock.

  6. Awesome job on your run!!! Happy dance is well deserved! :)



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