Monday, March 21, 2011

I worked so hard on the treadmill tonight before spinning that I practically had nothing left in me when it came time for class to start. I didn't run far, but I ran fast. Well, fast for ME at least. First I jumped on and ran an entire mile at a 7.0. For all you crazy fast runners out there, that is REALLY hard for me. I was pretty much ready to walk out of the gym after that mile.

I walked it out for 0.25 miles, then I did a 400 meter sprint at an 8.0, walked another 0.35 miles, then finished off the last 0.15 miles at an 8.0 again to make it an even 2.0 miles.

Holy jello legs. Every time Janet would yell out to add some resistance during spinning I shook my head at her and just sat on my bike and pedaled. She found it amusing, I found it exhausting.

Now I'm [finally] sitting on my couch and I wish I could say that I was just going to watch TV and go to bed, but we all know that's not how the life of a pharmacy student works. Therefore, I'll be spending the next two hours or so reviewing information for my law debate tomorrow (it's about the legalization of marijuana, in case ya wanna know) and then doing an independent study module about vaccines. Fun stuff.

Oh! One last thing before I leave. I cooked up a grilled turkey and swiss sandwich tonight for dinner and I have no idea why I don't make these more often. It tasted better than the hot sandwiches I order at restaraunts.

With nasty veg, of course.

I suggest you re-create this sandwich immediately and I can only hope that it brings you as much joy as it did me.

Since I have to get up in front of the class and debate about it tomorrow, I'm curious on your thoughts: Should marijuana (smoked) be legalized like a prescription?

[For the record, my group was assigned this topic AND our side on it, which happens to be the con side.]


  1. Congrats on the run! 7.0 is hard...treadmills always seem harder than land when it comes to pacing (is it just me?). Your sandwich DOES look so good!! yum.

    hmm about the marijuana.. im pretty much neutral on it, although I heard it would help with the economy so maybe it would be a good thing?

  2. sometimes grilled turkey + cheese is the ULTIMATE dinner! Love it!

  3. Congratulations on the run. I too love interval training.
    That sandwich look divine and so does the broccoli.

  4. Wow - you kicked ass on your run!! AND went to spin afterwards - color me impressed! :)

    OH, the debate of legalizing marijuana...medical marijuana just passed here in AZ. Honestly, i'm all for it. I think we should legalize it completely & tax it - bring in some money!

  5. GREAT job on the run girl!! I cant even run an entire mile at 6.0, so good for you :) I will NEVER claim to be a runner, my body just doesnt like it! So I stick to short sprints and inclines! Oh and lots of heavy lifting :)



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