Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Chat Veggie Burgers

Last night, Melissa was passing through Grand Rapids on her way downstate so OF COURSE she had to stop to see her bff!

September 2010

We went to Marie Catribs, a local cafe I have been dying to go to ever since I saw their sweet potato and quinoa burger on Mindy's blog. We loved it!

We sat at the bar so we didn't have to wait half an hour for a table (that place was hoppin!) and watched them make fresh fruit and veggie juice while we waited for our food.

Melissa and I both ordered the exact same thing. Started off with Moroccan Chicken soup:

This soup was fabulous. It had lots of beans and big hunks of chicken with a touch of sweetness, but not too much. Loved it.

For our main course..

Hey, I told you this was the item that drew me toward the place in the first place! It was even more delicious than I imagined it would be.

I have three months to make my way through their entire menu.

Wait, who am I kidding. You know I'll just order this veggie burger every single time.

Alright, work's calling my name. 

Today's packed lunch:

Salad with greens, avocado, dried cherries, Craisins, and sunflower seeds with raspberry walnut vinaigrette on the side; plus a Peach Chobani. 

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

Time to chat, I have lots of questions for you guys today!

What's your favorite restaraunt? Do you order the same thing every time or do you like to mix it up?

I like too many restaraunts to pick a favorite, but I tend to have a favorite dish at many restaraunts that I order every single time I go there.

If you're a meat-eater, do you ever eat veggie burgers?

I am by no means a vegetarian, but I really love veggie burgers. I don't ever buy them to cook at home, but I order them in restaraunts quite frequently, at least more often than I order regular burgers!

Do you buy veggie burgers at the store? What's your favorite brand?

I have never bought them at the store before but I would like to! I need some recommendations for the best kinds.

What was the best veggie burger you've ever had made out of?

I can't decide if I like this sweet potato and quinoa burger better than Bubba's black bean and avocado's a toss up.


  1. My favorite restaurant is a place where they grill everything they have on their menu. So delicious and healthy too.
    I've never eaten a veggie burger before in my life. Are tempted but this is not something you find on a menu here in SA. And my family is not keen on the idea of it either.
    The veggie burger sure looks yummy

  2. Yay, I'm so happy you tried (and loved!) Marie's!!! :)

  3. Ooh that burger looks delicious! I actually really enjoy Boca Burgers from the grocery store. Be sure to get the Flame Grilled kind. :)

  4. That veggie burger looks amazing!! I can never find good ones...hmm maybe its because I need to go out to eat more :)

  5. ok ok I NEED THIS! make them give you the recipe for your blog? =) tell them I said they HAVE to!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. That looks like an awesome restaurant! I love making veggie burgers and will occasionally get one at a restaurant. I would say my favorite has been black bean burgers. But now I'm wanting to make a sweet potato burger!

  7. I don't go out to eat too much, but there is a restaurant near my work that I LOVE!



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