Monday, March 21, 2011

Bittersweet Clean-Out

Happy Monday everyone!

Melissa happened to be passing through town yesterday so we met up at Sushi Kuni to catch up for a little while. I feel like I never get to see her anymore and it makes me sad. You know what makes it better though? Dragon rolls.

Any day that involves Melissa and sushi is a good day in my book.

Afterwards I came home and decided I was way over-due for a closet clean-out. Two or three times a year, I go through my closet and get rid of all of my clothes that are too big or I know I will never wear again. I know that some people keep a lot of their old things, but I always get rid of them as soon as they start to get baggy because I don't want the security of having "fat clothes" in my closet. This way, if I ever start to gain weight and my clothes start getting tight, I don't have other clothes I can wear. It forces me to get back on track and lose whatever weight that I gained so I don't spiral back to where I used to be. 

Last night's clean-out was especially bittersweet because while I love the fact that I'm getting smaller, I really love a lot of the clothes that I'm getting rid of. Many of the shirts were my first "skinny shirts;" in other words, the first cute shirts that I was able to buy in the non-plus size section of stores when I started dropping a decent amount of weight. Did I mention that there's 28 of those cute shirts?

Please excuse the overflowing trash can.

Goodwill has a hefty donation coming their way.

How frequently do you clean out your closet? What do you do with all of your old clothes?


  1. You should bring it to In the Image on Division - they're 10000% better than Goodwill.

  2. It's almost sickening isn't it? And yet it's good that those clothes are too big now. I put on a blouse yesterday that I have hardly worn, I bought it last Fall, it's a 2X, and TOO big now, but I can't make myself give it away, because I didn't get enough use out of it! But like you say--it's good to have those bigger clothes again, so you don't have them to fall back on, "in case." So I guess I should clean out my closet, and give them away now too!

  3. Thank you so much for the comments! I'm glad you found my blog so that I could find yours too!The cleanse has been a fun challenge - it's my goal to show my family and friends that it doesn't have to be hard and strict and make you feel deprived... I am LOVING the book and having lots of fun with it.

    I love your post about cleaning out your closet. I think it's important to reflect on how far you've come and what better way to do that than by helping others! I typically clean mine out as I go... if I wear something one day and feel really uncomfortable or notice that it's worn out, it goes to the garbage or the closest thrift store...

  4. Good job donating your clothes! I do this too - i TRY to do it every season, when i start buying new clothes. In fact, i'm due for a cleaning pretty soon...

  5. YES! That sushi is what I'm talking about. On another note, I just had dinner and now I want some sush.

    I don't clean out my closets that often. I have so much junk and do better with the disorganization of it.

  6. I totally clean my closet out like once a month. My mom always gave me a rule that whenever I brought something IN, I would have to take something OUT. Now that I dont live at home I tend to forget that motto, but I try and keep things as updated as I can!! No point in wasting space with something I havent worn for years!

  7. Yum sushi. :) My closet needs another good clean out too. Im "down growing" clothes really quickly these days. Its good but gets expensive.

  8. dragon rolls are the best!!! I am so craving sushi right now because of this!!!!!

    Hope your day is great! Dont ever stop coming to my blog!! : ) hehehe!

  9. I'm wondering why I can't find room in the closets for some pants I bought recently, and WHERE am I going to put the new T-shirts? It's definitely time to go through closets and drawers again. A little late for spring cleaning, but then spring was really late this year, and so was summer.

    Our clothes (and other stuff) gets passed to my aunt's family, where someone's always in need. What they can't use, they donate.



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