Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spinach, mushroom, and avocado quesadilla anyone?

This quesadilla was so delicious and worth every second I spent grating that stupid string cheese.

Hey, I really wanted mozzarella. 

FYI, that is plain Greek yogurt up there. Tastes just like sour cream only it's less fat and full of protein. Win.

I'm off to get my downward dog on with my new yoga mat:

Fun fact: I didn't actually realize that this came with a DVD until I took this picture ;)

Aaaaand my new yoga socks (!!!!):

These are perfect for a feet hater like me :)

What's the most delicious thing you've cooked lately? Anyone else use yoga socks?


  1. I love using string cheese for portion control - but I usually just peel it old-school if I'm cooking with it. I don't want to shred off my fingertips! Sandwich looks amazing, though - I'm all about spinach and mushroom together, and avocado makes everything better!

  2. Looove that you used string cheese! Totally something I would do. That quesadilla looks like a winner for sure.

  3. I cannot imagine using socks in my bikram yoga class. Id melt. :D

  4. Yoga socks? First time I hear of this.
    The most delicious thing I've cooked lately? A Olive Panini sandwich topped with hummus, tomato and chicken pieces. Yum

  5. Here's a nifty tip: put your string cheese in the blender and it will grate it for you. Even easier!



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