Thursday, March 17, 2011

This morning's 20-miler didn't quite happen, but it's only because the oh-so-awesome trail I discovered on yesterday's ride only went about 2 miles before it came to an end. I was quite sad. From now on, I will definately be researching and more carefully planning out my rides.

The trail was about 4.5 miles from my apartment, and with the ride to and back plus a couple detours I made, I still covered 15.10 miles in 1:18. Even though the trail was so short, I'm still glad I found it because it was so pretty.

Right now I'm snacking on one of Chobani's new flavors, and it's quite possible that black cherry may be my new favorite. (Don't worry pineapple, I still love you!)

I'm off to hit the showers and get ready for some St. Patty's Day fun. The roomies and I are heading up to Big Rapids this afternoon to hang out with our Kappa Psi brothers. See ya later today!

Do you have any St. Patty's Day plans?

For those of you in the Grand Rapids area, does anyone know of any good biking trails??


  1. I still haven't tried black cherry but it looks divine!

  2. Happy St. Pat's! Every year i ask myself, "Why didn't i take today off work?!" Next year it is happening. :)

  3. Sorry - obviously playing catch up on your blog. You can pick up the white pine trail at riverside park and ride at least up to rockford, if not big rapids (?)



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