Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calvin College Spring Classic 5K

I jumped out of bed this morning at 6:45 am sharp when my alarm went off and wasted no time making myself some peanut butter toast to munch on while I got ready for the race.

I don't know about you guys, but I always try to leave enough time for my breakfast to "digest" before I hit the road for races. Nothing sucks more than realizing ya gotta go (like, right now!) minutes before you're about to start, or even worse, after you've already started running!

Packet pick-up took place this morning so we arrived about an hour before the starting time (9:00) to get our stuff. This ended up being more than enough time and we were able to stretch and relax a little before the start. Oh, and of course take pictures.

You can blame Eric for the blurriness in this one:

Luckly, the random stranger I asked to take a picture of all of us had a steadier hand than he did.

After some pictures we stashed our stuff in my car and soon it was time to run. The course wasn't bad, but it definately was not my favorite. It was a little hilly and the wind decided to make an ugly appearance towards the end. I didn't hit my goal time, but finished with a chip time of 32:13.

My splits:

Mile 1: 9:47
Mile 2: 10:29
Mile 3: 10:35
Last 0.16 miles: 1:26

Eric finished in just over 27 minutes and Aimee placed third in our age group with a time of 23:07!! Congratulations to her!

While we waited around for the awards ceremony I snacked on some orange slices:

Sometimes I get the feeling that my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me.

Soon they called Aimee's name and she collected her medal.

Congrats, Aimee!!

Then we headed home and Eric and I ordered the one thing that absolutely must be eaten during Finals Weekend:

Large Pan Cheese Lovers, heavy on the cheese lovers part.

It's ok if you hate me right now, I'd hate me too ;)

I had this plate plus another slice of pizza. Pizza Hut = win.

And now that my belly is full and I have successfully eaten three times as many calories as I burned off this morning, it's time to hit the books. I have 48 hours to learn all of this:


Hope your weekend is more fun than mine's going to be!


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