Monday, April 11, 2011

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If you saw this post the other day, then you know that I was supposed to run six miles with Eric today. However, it was positively gorgeous outside and almost 80 degrees (!) and since I have been dying to get a good bike ride in, we decided to push the long run back to a later TBA date this week and I spent the afternoon riding 30 miles on the White Pine Trail :)

My 15-mile turn-around point was perfect because there happened to be a table and some benches right there. I was able to do some stretching and of course, take pictures of myself.


Ok, get ready for a lot of reading because it's time for a big diet update. As you know, I've been plateauing lately and it's really been frustrating me. I stepped on the scale Saturday morning and was actually up a smidgen from my Wednesday weigh-in despite the fact that I'm doing perfect with my calorie budget and cut down on my carbs last week. (Note, I actually did the carb thing for the entire week, even though I didn't post about it until Wednesday). So, in a desperate attempt to jump start my weight loss again, I am doing quite possibly the craziest thing I have ever done: I'm carb depleting for an entire week.

As you all know, I am a carbaholic. I don't think cutting down to 150 g per day was enough to make a difference, since that's still a fairly large carb allowance (at least for someone who is trying to lose weight and is watching carbs). I honestly think that I am to the point where I need to do something drastic to shock my body and send it into fat-burning and weight loss mode again. I started today and am going to do it through Friday, so technically it's not even a full week. On Saturday, I'm going to start slowly incorporating carbs back in and getting back to my "normal" eating habits and see if this allows me to keep losing/keep off what I lost with the carb depletion this week. If I am able to make this work, I may start doing some carb cycling for the remainder of my weight loss.

I am fully prepared for this to be a very difficult week. I live off of cereal, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, fruit (bananas!), potatoes, and pretty much every other carb-loaded food on the planet. Today I went grocery shopping for the week and couldn't believe not only how much meat and cheese filled my cart, but the fact that there was not a single piece of fruit in it! That has never happened before; well at least not since I used to weigh almost 300 lbs and fruit was something I only consumed if it was baked into a pie.

I'm also aware of the effects on my body that carb-depleting can have. I'm probably going to be irritable, tired, grumpy, and some people can actually experience a "carb crash" on days 3 through 5 (source). Combine this with the fact that I have another exam on Friday (stress = massive plates of sweet potato fries) and that next week is that time of the month (ladies, you know the kind of foods we crave, and they are definately not egg whites or plain chicken breasts) and it looks like I have the week from hell ahead of me.

One final note: I want it to be clear that I am not starving myself, only eating as few carbs as I possibly can (and again, for less than one week). I will still be eating about the same number of calories, they will just mostly come from fat and protein.This is not a lifestyle change; in fact it would be absurd to think that anyone could live off of no carbs for the rest of their life. I am not advocating this as the best way to lose weight; I am just doing it for a short time to try to get past a very stubborn plateau. Everyone has to find their own ways to do this, and I am just testing the waters to see if it works for me. I love offering tips and advice for weight loss, but I feel like I have to throw this disclaimer in here: please consult your doc (or a registered dietician) to find a weight-loss program that is best for you. That is all :)

Here's a snippet of some of the things I ate yesterday:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs (1 whole egg and 3 egg whites) with ham and cheddar cheese:

Breakfast was late and luch was split into random snacks before and after my bike ride, which consisted of mixed nuts and sliced deli turkey with Laughing Cow Swiss wedges.

Dinner was a couple hamburger patties with a slice of swiss cheese, avocado, and ketchup with roasted brocolli on the side. I hardly ever buy beef but I really wanted burgers tonight. Like real burgers, not that turkey crap ;)

For the record, burgers are way better with the bun. Just sayin. 

I know some of you probably 100% disagree with this carb-depleting idea and think it's stupid, but I want your honest opinions: what do you think of it (please be respectful)?

Also, does anyone have any really good low carb dinner ideas? I prefer ones that involve chicken, ground turkey or shrimp, since that's what I bought at the store today ;)


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