Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crack Caramel Corn

Last night was definately a night of some good eats!

My mom made my favorite chicken casserole for dinner (love coming home because she makes all my favorite foods!) along with some roasted asparagus on the side:

Yes, that is a big blob of ketchup for my asparagus. You know me and veggies: gotta have the ketchup to mask the taste!

After dinner my parents and I headed downtown to our all-time favorite local ice cream place, Dairy Lodge. I haven't been there in SO long and this ice cream is seriously the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

Oh, cake batter cookie dough flurry, come to mama!

Holy foodgasm. I was sad when it was all gone.

After I finished my ice cream, I went over to a friend's house to hang out with some of the people I used to work with back when I worked at the vet's office. It was fun chit chatting and we had some pretty cute pups to keep us company:

Why, hello there.

I enjoyed a couple of chocolate chip cookies (yes, after I had that massive flurry) and thought I was done splurging for night until they placed this massive bowl of homemade caramel corn in front of me.

I'm convinced that it was infused with crack because I could. not. stop. eating. it. Eventually everyone started laughing at me and made a joke out of it because even when I tried to put the lid on the tupperware to stop myself from eating it, I just took the lid right off two minutes later ;) Ah well, I'm on vacation.

This morning I woke up and had some toast and yogurt for b-fast:

One slice was plain with some buttah and one slice had some of this orange marmelade I found in the fridge:

After my food settled I headed down to the basement to get my sweat on. I did another circuit routine similar to the one I did the other day and repeated it four times:

Holy moly those squats killed me today! In my circuit, I did the third variation of this exercise by Fitnessista and my thighs were burning! I shook 'em out with 45 minutes on the stationary bike after I finished my circuit work-out. Gotta burn off that caramel corn!

Right now I'm munchin' on some leftover casserole for lunch and I'm about to hit the mall. Today's mission: FIND JEANS!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Where is your favorite place to buy jeans?

I honestly don't have a favorite place right now. Since I tend to go through jeans pretty quickly (with my sizes changing and what-not) I usually just buy cheap pairs from Deb or Old Navy or something. I REALLY want to buy myself a pair of Buckle jeans (my favorite store!) but I'm trying to hold out until I'm at my goal weight because they're so darn expensive!


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