Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Epic Sandwich and Some More Tangents

First off, my dinner last night was so delicious that it really deserves its own blog post. Maybe it tasted so good because I was completely ravenous by the time we finally ate (It was almost 8:00!!) but this was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life.

Jenny and I went to Marie Catrib's again and I was bound and determined to get something different, since the last two times I've gone there I've gotten the sweet potato and quinoa burger. Normally I don't have a problem ordering the same time all the time at restaraunts (when I find something I like, I stick to it!) but everything on the menu here looks delicious and I want to try it all!

I knew what I was going to get before we even sat down.

It was even better than it sounds. 

Fresh, grilled chicken combined with delicious, creamy cheese on thick, doughy bread with a hint of sweetness from the cranberry sauce. Mindblowing.


I practically licked my plate clean.


It's time for another Triple Tangent Tuesday!

1. I'm obsessed with sugar free gum. I try to limit myself to a few pieces a day because all of the artificial sweetener really does a number on my stomach (think cramps/bloating/gas) but sometimes I can't help it and will chew an entire pack in a day. I got started on this gum kick when I first started losing weight because chewing gum helps decrease hunger. It tricks your body into thinking it's getting calories when it's not, so whenever I felt like mindlessly snacking I would pop a piece of gum in my mouth! And then when it lost it's flavor I'd spit it out and chew another. And another. And another...

Christmas 2010; my stocking stuffers!

2. I don't get super crazy too often anymore, but sometimes when I do have a few too many drinks I often go through my camera the next day and end up finding pictures of all of the beverages I've consumed the night before. It always makes me laugh because that's just like me: always thinking about the blog, even when I'm drinking! Those photos usually don't make it to the internet though ;)

3. Eating is not the only thing I like doing with peanut butter. One time I took it to a whole new level and had a food fight with it (along with whipped cream and chocolate sauce). It was on Melissa's 21st birthday about a year and a half ago, and things got messy. I would randomly find peanut butter on the kitchen walls for months after it happened. It was one of the greatest nights of my life.  

Want More Tangents?

Have you ever been in a food fight??


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