Friday, April 29, 2011

Night Off

Sorry, but after spending the last six days studying for the exams I've had this week, I'm a little burned out. I think Sarah summed it up perfectly with her comment: Mistake? Maybe. Worth it? Oh yes.

Cramming for finals will commence tomorrow, but as far as tonight goes, I will be spending it catching up on blogs and watching the Food Network.

After the exam today, I hit up the gym for some cardio. I did the same treadmill work-out I did on Monday and followed it up with twenty minutes on the elliptical. After I finished my work-out, my roommates and I went out to dinner at Papa Vino's, which is a local Italian chain that we've been wanting to try. We started out by devouring two loaves of bread:

(Sorry for the craptastic photos, they were taken on my phone because I left my camera at home)

And then I rolled with Papa's Trio for my entree, which came with calamari, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and bruschetta.

It was really good, but I didn't like how the bread got soggy from the bruschetta. I prefer it on the side. 

After I finished my food all I could think about was the Italian Chocolate Cake I had seen at the back of the menu. I was so close to ordering it, but then I looked at Eric, we had a telepathic conversation (very common for us) and I opted not to. Instead I came home and cracked open one of these babies:

Yeah, totally the same as chocolate cake.

Time to go catch up on some of your lovely blogs and then I'm hittin' the sack because I've got a 5K in the morning! My personal goal is 31:30. It's about a minute faster than last month's PR of 32:39, and last Sunday when Melissa and I ran 4.0 miles we hit the 5K mark right around 31:30. I just gotta do it again!

Have a good night!

Anyone else spending their weekend studying for finals? Running any races? Doing anything FUN?! Please tell me about your plans so I can be jealous.

What's your best tip for dealing with your sweet tooth without giving in?

I don't drink pop very often, but I usually keep some diet root beer in my fridge for nights when I really want dessert and I'm trying not to eat it or I've already gone way over my calorie budget for the day.


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