Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you haven't seen it yet, go check out my guest post at Clean Eating Chelsey. Then read some more of her blog. You will fall in love with her and her sense of humor. Thanks again, Chelsey, for letting me post!

For everyone visiting from Clean Eating Chelsey, hi! Thanks for stopping by :) Click here for a few basics about myself and my blog that I previously shared with new readers.


Well, I'm happy to say that I made it safely to Traverse City this afternoon and I'm home for the rest of the week! Easter break came super late this year, but it's better late than never. On my way into town I stopped at the Lake Street Kitchen at Oryana to grab lunch.

I got the smoked turkey apple wrap with smoked turkey, apple, red onion, swiss cheese, sunflower seeds, lettuce, and cherry honey mustard.

Yummy in mah tummy.

Moving on...

I'm a little late on posting this since I always skip weigh-ins when I'm sucking, but here's today's weigh-in:

Today: 167.8
Difference since last weigh-in: + 3.6 lbs
Total loss: -113.2 lbs

Um, yeah. Guys, I'm not gonna lie. I've been struggling the last few days to get back on track ever since this last weekend. I've been going crazy with my calories (whydoesfoodhavesomuchcontroloverme) and my bowls of cashew butter oatmeal have turned into me eating half of the jar of cashew butter along with the oatmeal. I need to re-focus and get back on track, and this means staying within my calorie range every. single. day.

Here's what I've realized over the last few days: If I want to lose weight the right way and in a way that I'm comfortable doing it, it's going to be a slow and steady loss and I need to accept that.

Over the last few weeks, I have blogged numerous times about how I'm frustrated and about how I've been plateauing, and this eventually led to me doing things like giving up carbs and then spiraling out of control once I start eating them again. Yeah I know, who saw that coming? The thing is, before the whole carb shabang, while my weight was changing ever so slowly, it was still going down. I wasn't putting on weight, and I felt better than ever. It was once I started making crazy drastic changes that I lost all motivation, and that is the reason why everyone says restrictive diets fail. Yes, you will lose weight if you don't eat any carbs, but you better be prepared to not eat carbs for the rest of your life if you don't want to gain the weight back. (Side note: I knew this before I started my no-carb week and was fully prepared to quickly gain back any weight that I lost, which is why I only did it for a short time. I was simply trying to shock my body, but I quit early because I hated the way I felt.)

Here's the bottom line and the point to all of my ranting: I know that it's possible for me to quickly drop pounds, but I am simply not willing to follow a strict diet in order to do so. I would rather eat healthy food that I enjoy, not be miserable, and lose weight slowly then live off of chicken and Splenda (um, fake food anyone?). I'm also going to stop posting weigh-in's as frequently as I have been. Two of my favorite weight-loss bloggers, Ben at Ben Does Life and Elizabeth at One-Twenty-Five, post weigh-ins on the 1st and on the 15th of every month, and I'm going to copy them and start doing that. I'm hoping it well help me focus more on my overall loss and be happy with what I have accomplished so far.

Alright, that's the end of my blabbering for today. I'm off to go be healthy and stuff.


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