Friday, April 1, 2011

Those Crazy Endorphins

I just ran five miles on the treadmill for the third time ever. I ran the first four miles without stopping in about 42 minutes and ran/walked the last mile. When I got to the last 0.3 miles, Eric (who already finished his five miles) stood next to me and kept increasing the damn speed encouraged me to finish strong. I 100% believe that you always work harder with a trainer/someone there pushing you. (This week's Biggest Loser was a perfect example of this point; Courtney and Jen should have paid for Brett. Biggest mistake ever.)

I finished my 5.0 miles in 52:30. Not too shabby for walking part of the last mile.

Ok, that picture is my idea of an April Fool's joke. Here's how I really felt after my run:

I contemplated cropping my ass out of this picture, but I've already posted so many unflattering pictures of myself on this blog that I thought, why stop now?

Also, I don't know about you, but all I want after I run five miles is some carbolicous goodness in mah belly. After the post-running nausea wears off, of course.

Unfortunately I'm still on a diet, so a grilled turkey sandwich and a banana is the extent of my carb loading if I plan on eating dinner tonight.

Now I'm faced with the dilemma of whether or not I want to go on a bike ride. I can't believe I'm even considering it after the workout I just had, but it's so nice outside I would almost feel guilty if I didn't take advantage of it. It's all the endorphins I have right now, they make me do crazy things.

What was your work-out today?

Anyone play and/or fall for any good April Fool's jokes?

I don't play them, but I always fall for them. Always.


  1. Great job on your 5 miles!! Excellent time, too. :)

  2. That is a great time! I find running on the treadmill to be so hard- way to go for sticking with it :)

  3. you go girl!! Love the hot pink top too!!!

    Happy weekend !!! xoxo <3

  4. Rest day for me today. :) Awesome job on the run!

  5. My workout consists of running most of my days. Love running.
    Great work on your run. Awesome!
    Your bum looks good in that picture - nothing to feel bad about.



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