Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your day so far, as I know that a lot of you have today off (like me!).

I actually spent most of the day completely re-doing my About page and writing a new Food and Fitness page. You should definately check 'em out ;) Now that I've got those things out of the way, I have no excuses for not spending the rest of the weekend hitting the books! I've got a pharmacoeconomics final on Monday, a therapeutics exam on Friday, and then finals the week after that!! Two more weeks...just two more weeks...

Breakfast was my new favorite cereal:

I found this in my parents' cupboard and even though it's completely delicious and low calorie, I probably won't buy it because it doesn't have much protein and it's really just a bunch of carbs. I need more staying power in my breakfasts; I had two huge bowls!

Lunch was salad and leftover pizza:

And it's definately been a snacky kind of day:

Organic ciabatta bread with honey

Ashley hung out with me while I worked on the blog:

She's feeling much better, thank goodness, and she's been sleeping like a baby the last two days!

Is she not the cutest cat you've ever seen?!

I think my parents and I will be making a trip to Dairy Lodge tonight after dinner, so on that note the stationary bike is calling my name!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

What's your all-time favorite place to get ice cream?

Dairy Lodge is a local ice cream place here in Traverse City down by the bay. They have the best ice cream in town! Cold Stone is a close second :)


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