Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Body Pump Audience

This morning I started the day off right with one of my favorite bowls of oatmeal.

My bowl contained 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, and 3/4 of a banana and was topped with Naturally Nutty butter toffee peanut butter, the rest of the banana, and peanuts. Not quite as good as my beloved cashew butter oatmeal, but still delicious.

After I scarfed down breakfast, I hit the road and headed to Spectrum for another day at my IPPE. I spent the first part of the day with the PCAP, which stands for "patient care area pharmacist." He was on the heart floor, so most of the patients had either heart failure, an arrhythmia, or another type of heart condition. We spent almost 3 hours going through all of the patients and reviewing their medications, making sure that they were all prescribed the right drugs at the right doses. It was actually really interesting! I felt like I learned a lot.

When I finished with that, I headed downstairs for my lunch break. I actually packed something other than a salad for once!

I had a ham sandwich along with some carrots dipped in hummus and orange. My sandwich contained ham (I use Hormel Natural Deli Ham), muenster cheese, spinach, and mashed avocado and was made on sprouted bread.

Also, I have no willpower and found myself purchasing another one of these Ope's oatmeal applesauce cookies for dessert.

I'm sorry, but at only 162 calories I just can't say no!

I spent the rest of the afternoon listening to CE (continuing education) lectures and then went home where I heated up the last of my leftover pasta before hitting the gym for body pump. I'm so glad I went to that class tonight, it totally kicked my butt! Besides yoga and spinning, body pump is the only group exercise class that I really enjoy. I was going to do 20 minutes of HIIT afterwards, but then I got distracted when we realized that we had an audience during our class!

There were actually three of these little guys outside! They were SO cute, but we all felt so bad because they just looked so scared :( They were all separated and at different windows, and we went out searching for their home but had no luck. We did find a bunch of other scared little bunnies under one of the pine trees, so the front desk lady used a towel to help move them over there.

Poor little guy! I hope he finds his mommy :/

Well I've gotta go do some laundry, make my lunch for tomorrow, and prep my breakfast so I'm outta here. Only two more days until the weekend!!

Have a good night :)


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