Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Downward Dog

Fact: I need more downward dog in my life.

I went to yoga tonight for the first time in a month, and it felt sooo good. It was exactly what my muscles needed after the tough work-outs I've been doing lately. Before my one hour of asanas, I did 45 minutes of cardio. First I did this treadmill work-out and then finished up with 15 minutes on the elliptical. The 30 minutes on the treadmill was tough, but I'm bound and determined to keep this week's good start going!


I started my day off with some pancakes topped with raspberry Chobani and some almonds. It was actually a really easy breakfast because the pancakes were leftover from a few weeks ago so all I had to do was pull them out of the freezer, zap 'em in the microwave for a couple minutes, and eat up! They were delicious and very filling :)

Lunch was yet another salad plus a side of fresh organic berries.

By the way, does anyone know why the dried cherries in my salad turned a weird brown color? They've never done that before and they definitely didn't look like that last night...

Of course I still ate them, so hopefully it's nothing bad. They still tasted fine!

Dinner was leftover pasta and right now I'm about to go grab a post-workout snack of cottage cheese and blueberries while I watch Biggest Loser with Eric. Hope your night is fabuloso and I'll see ya tomorrow!

Tell me about your work-out today! Do you do yoga?


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