Friday, May 27, 2011

Errands, Errands, Errands!

TGIF! I am more than ready for a nice, long weekend. Oh, and as always, thanks so much for your wonderful comments on yesterday's sweet tooth post; I love you guys!

Today has been full of errands, but first let's talk food! Breakfast was my favorite bagelwich combo served on sprouted bread (I was out of bagel thins), along with a side of extra egg whites for more protein and staying power.

This is definately one of my favorite breakfasts right now. I love the cheese/egg/raspberry jelly combo, plus eggs and ketchup are the bomb.

Muenster cheese, egg whites, and raspberry preserves on sprouted whole grain bread

Lunch was a cheese quesadilla and a salad along with the last of some blueberries that were about to go bad:

Spring mix, feta, dried cherries and sunflower seeds served with my favorite dressing!



I had a very succesful afternoon of running around today. My first stop was at Grand Health Partners to find some PB2. I've been wanting to try it forever, and I think this place is the only location in Grand Rapids that sells it. I was thrilled when they had some in stock!

At first the idea of powdered peanut butter totally freaked me out, but the check out the ingredients:

There's nothing but peanuts, sugar and salt! You are supposed to mix it with water (or add it to whatever the heck you want for peanut butter flavor) and supposedly it tastes just like peanut butter. At only 45 calories a serving (versus almost 200 for most nut butters) I sure hope it tastes good! This just might be the answer to my peanut butter prayers. I'll let ya know how it is :)

The next stop of the day was not planned, but was totally necessary. You see, when I accidently discover the only frozen yogurt place in Grand Rapids when I've been looking for one for the last year, I cannot just drive by.

After a couple samples, I went with a kiddie sized cup of chocolate chip cookie dough. Only 120 calories for that baby!

Alright, maybe a little more than that after my cheesecake topping... ha ha

It was perfection :)

Next up was Target where I faced the dreaded task of bathing suit shopping. It's probably because I've recently put on a few pounds, but finding something that fit me and I actually liked was super hard today. I prefer one piece suits because they are the most flattering on me, but I couldn't find one today. I ended up with this tankini:

I really like the suit, and hopefully I'll be more content with the way it looks on me after a drop a few more pounds.

The last stop was the grocery store. Here's the goods:

I love how nice and stocked the fridge is after grocery shopping; mine was looking pretty bare!

Well I've got some chicken marinating in the fridge for dinner and right now I think I might take a little nap. Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend; I'm hoping that mine will be full of lots of biking!

What are your Memorial weekend plans?


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