Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

I've always been paranoid about oversleeping. I set two different alarms every night (my phone and my alarm clock) and I quadrouple check both of them before I go to sleep. Last night was no different, both alarms were set correctly; one for 5:20 am and one for 5:25 am. This morning when I woke up to discover that it was daylight outside, I knew something wasn't right. I reached over and looked at my clock: 6:01 am.

Um, WHAT?! If you remember from Wednesday's post (which has been temporarily been deleted by stupid Blogger and should supposedly be restored soon) I mentioned that I have to be out the door at about 6:15 every day to make it to my IPPE on time. I literally jumped out of bed and threw on my clothes, put on some mascara, grabbed a Clif bar and a banana and ran out the door. It was not the best start to my day.

Breakfast on the go

As I was riding the shuttle to the hospital, I just sat there trying to figure out how both of my alarms didn't go off. I checked them again this morning; they were still both set. It didn't make any sense. Then, the radio guy mentioned something about how it was Friday the 13th. I chuckled and reminded myself that I'm not supersticious and it was just a coincidence.


But then, on my way home from my IPPE, I get a text from Eric about how a $400 dollar check that he had deposited over a month ago had bounced and he was getting charged an overdraft fee. Can someone who is familiar with how banks work explain that to me? Not only is he getting charged, but he deposited that check a month ago, and it is just NOW showing up that it bounced. Today. Friday the 13th.

Ok, another coincidence. I'm sure it's also a coincidence that I opened up my blog after I got home to discover that Blogger had deleted Wednesday's post. That really irritated me, and it was also the final straw for buying into this whole Friday the 13th deal. You got me, I'm a believer. Bad things happen on this day.

Before I get all nervous thinking about what kinds of unlucky things are going to happen over the course of the night, let's backtrack and finish re-capping the rest of the day. Other than all the weird Friday the 13th stuff, I actually had a pretty good day. I followed around a med reconciliation tech at the hospital all day, and they are in charge of retrieving patient medication histories. I actually got to interact a little with patients today, so that was definately interesting.

The other intern and I grabbed pizza for lunch at the Helen Devos Children's Hospital, and this was seriously some of the best pizza I've ever had! I got a slice of the pesto chicken and it was delicious! Plus an orange on the side for some fruitage.

Sorry for the crappy phone photos, but I didn't want to be the weird girl carrying her camera around the hospital.

Helen Devos also has an ice cream "shop." That's bad news bears for me!

Chocolate chip cookie dough with Oreos on top

Another reason why I do not want to be a hospital pharmacist: I would surely gain all my weight back within one month. You don't put me to work in a place that has an ice cream shop and expect me not to eat it every day.

After I got home, I made a yogurt bowl to snack on:

Blueberry Chobani, 1/4 c raw oats, blueberries, chia seeds

All mixed up:

Now I'm just hanging out waiting for Melissa to get here so we can go pick up our packets for our race tomorrow! Melissa, both of my roommates and I are all running a 10K in the morning at the 5/3 River Bank Run.

It's my first 10K and the farthest distance I've ever ran, so I'm pretty nervous! Wish me luck.

Melissa was supposed to run the 25K, but she recently developed some major problems with her hip and her doc gave her the no-go for the race :( She's been training for 5 months for this race and is majorly bummed out about it. I feel really bad for her, but I am also happy that she will now be running the 10K with me. It's bittersweet :/ Hopefully her hip won't give her too much trouble tomorrow.

Alright guys, I'm off! Hope you have a great Friday night and nothing unlucky happens ;) I'll see ya tomorrow after the race!!

Are you superstitious? Has anything unlucky happened to you today?

P.S. Since I am not announcing a winner until tomorrow, I am extending the deadline of my Gotein giveaway to tomorrow at 12:00 pm Eastern time. Be sure to enter if you haven't already done so!


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