Saturday, May 7, 2011

Healthy Habits Are Back

Happy Saturday everyone! After the first good night's sleep I've had in over a week, I woke up this morning and made myself a nutritious and protein-packed breakfast: a spinach and mushroom omelet!

The omelet was made with three egg whites and one whole egg and contained the usual filling: sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and tomato basil feta. I really wanted some fresh fruit to go with it, but I'm all out :( No worries though, a black cherry Chobani was a great substitute!

Filling and delicious --> breakfast win.

After my food settled, it was time to hit the gym. It was gorgeous outside and since I wasn't on any kind of time schedule I decided to ride me bike there. Plus, right now I need all the cardio I can get. Did I mention I've gained about four pounds over the last couple weeks? If you've read this post, this post or this post, then you're probably not surprised. I'm not stressing over it though, life happens sometimes.

After I arrived at the gym (it takes me less than 20 minutes to ride my bike there), I completed this treadmill workout that I found here and conveniently re-typed for you:

I really liked this work-out. The minutes flew by because every minute you change the speed. I love work-outs like that because I never get bored!

After I was done on the treadmill I finished off my cardio sesh with 15 minutes on the elliptical. I was sweating like a maniac when I was done! Unfortunately, I wasn't actually done, as I still had to ride my bike all the way home. I just kept thinking about the four slices of pizza I had at the End of the World party and it kept me motivated ;)

I was really hungry by the time I got home so after I showered I whipped up some lunch. Kept it simple today with a salad and grilled turkey sandwich, but it totally hit the spot.

Spinach, dried cherries, walnuts and feta

Turkey, muenster cheese, and light mayo on multi-grain bread

It feels so good to be back to regular healthy eating habits. I can't tell you how gross I felt last week when I was just eating everything in sight. Like I've said before, I didn't beat myself my up over it and I still don't plan to because there isn't any point, but I will not give myself permission to keep slacking off. Finals are over, the End of the World party is over, and now it's time to get back to my normal, active and healthy lifestyle and continue this journey to my goal weight.

Well I'm off to enjoy this beautiful weather and tackle the day's to-do's. Have a great weekend!


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