Monday, May 9, 2011

Protein To Go (GIVEAWAY!)

A couple months ago, Anna from Gotein kindly sent me some samples to try out, and I have been a horrible blogger for just now getting around to doing a review. It's been a crazy busy end of the semester, and I wanted to give my Gotein post the effort it deserved!

To put it simply, Gotein is "protein to go." It is a protein supplement that is pre-measured into individual packages and designed to just be added to a standard 16.9 oz water bottle, shaken, and ready to drink.

Not only is Gotein portable and convenient, but it tastes pretty darn good. It mixes up quickly and easily and best of all, it doesn't taste like protein powder. The worst part about protein powder is the chalky texture and gross aftertaste, and Gotein doesn't have either of these things. Gotein also has some pretty kick-booty nutritional info. At only 100 calories, 5-6 g carbs and 1 g sugar, Gotein packs a whopping 16-17 g protein per serving. This protein powder is also fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, and gives you 50% of your daily value of all of these nutrients in every serving. These stats make Gotein a perfect and convenient snack if you're trying to lose weight, as well as if you just want to get an extra protein boost in your diet.

Gotein comes in three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The first one I tried was the chocolate and I mixed it in a water bottle the traditional way. You simply pour out 1/3 of a bottle of water, pour the protein in, shake it up, and the powder dissolves within seconds.

As I mentioned above, it tasted really good. However, I am personally not a huge fan of any kind of protein powder just mixed plain with water; I prefer to use it in a smoothie or add it to my oatmeal, breakfast cookie, etc. Therefore, I decided to have Eric try the Gotein after his work-out one day, since he is a huge fan of protein shakes and drinks them every day.

He tried the vanilla flavor, and he said that it was definately one of the best tasting protein powders that he has tried. He liked how quickly it dissolved, but he actually said that he would use less water next time because he prefers his shakes a little thicker.

I used the last flavor, strawberry, in a smoothie for breakfast. My smoothie contained frozen berries, strawberry Chobani, a handful of fresh spinach, a little water, and of course Gotein.

This smoothie was really good! I could really taste the strawberry flavor. I know that Gotein is designed to just be poured into a water bottle, but I couldn't help but try it in my favorite smoothie. Besides, I think the fact that they are so portable is what makes the protein so great. I've seen quite a few bloggers that actually put protein into bags and stash it in their purse, and this would be so much easier!

Now for the fun part. Anna was kind enough to send me some extra samples to give away to one lucky reader! One person will win a packet of each flavor of Gotein to try out for themself.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what flavor of Gotein you want to try the most. For additional entries, you may do the following:

  • Tweet about this giveaway (@kberg27 is giving away Gotein!
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog

The giveaway will be open until Friday, May 13th at 5:00 pm Eastern time. I'll randomly select a winner and announce it on Saturday. Good luck!

Edit: Anna just emailed me to let me know that if any of you decide to purchase these off of the website, you may you use the promo code "Anna" to save $4.00 off your purchase! Also, I've been asked where else you can find Gotein. There is a spot on the website called "where to buy" that you can click to find stores near you that carry it.


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