Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scrubbing in Stockings

When I made the decision to get sclerotherapy, I knew that there would be multiple injections involved but the whole concept of "hey, this might hurt a little" didn't really cross my mind until I arrived at the doctor's office this afternoon. As I sat in the waiting room, a very slight case of nerves came over me.

The nerves didn't get any better when I entered the procedure room and saw a giant bucket of needles sitting on the counter.

However, I calmed myself down by thinking about how fast and easy this was going to be and how happy I would be that I got it done. I changed into my shorts, put a smile on, and waited patiently for the nurse and doctor to come into the room and begin the procedure.

I'm such a big girl

Once the doctor came into the room, he didn't waste any time getting things started. I layed on the table and with the nurses's assistance, he made several small saline injections into numerous veins on both of my legs. He was very friendly and made me feel really comfortable as he maintained casual conversation with me about school and work the entire time. The shots themselves didn't hurt very much (I've never had issues with needles), but the saline really stung. The procedure itself only took about 20 minutes to complete, but the stinging hung around for a good half hour or so afterwards. I was glad to be done!

After the doctor finished the procedure, the nurse helped me squeeze my legs into some really tight compression stockings. I have to wear them for the next 24 hours, and then I can take them off to shower and when I sleep at night. I'll still have to wear them during the day for another three days after that. The purpose of the stockings is help ensure that the veins heal shut and it also reduces the chances of bruising.

And since I know that you're all dying to see what they look like on me:

Hot stuff right there!

I even did some Amanda Latona style posing for ya:

Best part about the stockings? They totally hide all my cellulite ;)

Scrub Down

After I finished modeling my compression stockings, Eric and I got to work scrubbing down our living room and kitchen. We got a notice today that maintenance will be coming to our apartment tomorrow along with a mortgage inspector, so we quickly got down to business with cleaning in hopes of receiving at least some of our security deposit back when we all move out next month.

Mid-cleaning snack was a strawberry banana Chobani:

And Eric and I split this plate of berries as well:

Well, break time's over and it's time to get back to scrubbing those walls! You would not believe how marked up they've gotten over the past year since we've lived here. I'm telling you, it's bad.

Cleaning: Love it, hate it, or only do it when you have to?

I actually really hate cleaning, but I try not to let things get too bad before tidying up. However, every once in a while I get in a really strange mood and will completely clean my entire room. Of course, that only happens about once a year but still, it's weird.


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