Monday, May 2, 2011

Victory Shots

Whew! My therapeutics finals are OVER! It feels so good to have passed them (guess my lucky shirt worked!) and to be done with that class forever :) Thanks everyone for all of the nice comments you've been leaving, I definately need all the luck I can get this week!

I've been sort of a lame-o blogger this weekend because of all my studying but in case you missed it, I ran a 5K on Saturday and I had a weigh-in yesterday. I know I owe you guys a decent post, but honestly not much has happened in the last couple days other than that!

After we got home from the exam today, Eric and I celebrated with a victory shot. He did his favorite vodka, but I'm not quite that hardcore and stuck with this:

Mango Caribbean rum, yum!

While we were still at school, I also had about five pieces of candy from this bowl that was left out for us students:

In other news, yesterday I made a chicken and broccoli quinoa stir-fry that I've been munching on for meals.

All I did was cook up some quinoa like normal (one part uncooked quinoa to one part water) over the stove while I sauteed some sweet onion in a pan next to it. Then I added some broccoli and pre-cooked chicken breast to the onion mixture so the broccoli cooked and the chicken warmed up. After the quinoa was done cooking, I threw it into the pan with the onion, chicken and broccoli; cracked an egg into the pan, added some soy sauce and garlic powder, and then mixed it all together until the egg was cooked (only takes a minute). Wa-la! Dinner is served.

It tasted pretty good, but I actually prefer it with brown rice. The only reason I used quinoa today was because I was out of rice. I also like adding spinach and mushrooms into the mix, but I was out of those as well.

Today I threw some of the left-over stir-fry onto a tortilla along with some organic refried black beans and some cheddar cheese to make a burrito for lunch.

I popped it in the microwave for about a minute and it was delicious!

Alrighty, I'm off to go try to muster up the motivation to go to the gym and then I gotta start studying for tomorrow's final! One down, three to go!

Have a great night :)

What's your favorite way to make stir-fry?


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