Monday, June 20, 2011

Dad’s Birthday Dinner

Tonight my mom, dad, sister, grandpa and I went to Boone's Long Lake Inn to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My sister and I used the opportunity to get a little dressier than we normally do:


I was really happy that my grandpa could join us for dinner, we don’t get to do these kinds of things with him very often!


Not only did we get to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but we also sat right next to the guitar player who happened to be taking song requests. Being the loving and thoughtful daughter that she is, Courtney requested a round of Happy Birthday for our dad, in which the whole restaurant joined in on :)


I don’t think my dad enjoyed it as much as we did ;)

I started my meal of with a dranky drank:


And rolled with the 1/4 lb shrimp appetizer for my main meal:


Along with half of an order of stuffed mushrooms (stuffed with crab cakes) that my sister and I shared:


The star of the table though had to be my dad’s New York strip.


What is it with guys and huge steaks?


It was a great family dinner. We don’t go out together enough!

DSC05509 Please ignore the fact that my thigh takes up most of this picture.

After dinner we came home and finished off the last of the birthday cake:


Mmm mmm good!

Alright, the Bachelorette’s on and right now the television full of hot shirtless guys boxing is beating my blog in the battle for my attention ;)

Remember what I said about some things never changing? Heh.


Have a great night!


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