Sunday, June 19, 2011

Double Birthday Father’s Day

Father’s Day was not the only holiday celebrated in the Berg household today: it was also my aunt’s birthday and my dad’s birthday is tomorrow. My dad and I were both cursed blessed with holiday birthdays; mine is two days after Christmas and my dad’s often falls on the same day as Father’s Day. Ah well, it doesn’t make either birthday any less special :)

The day started off with some of my mom’s delicious crock pot oatmeal. She often makes this on holidays and other special occasions. It’s usually a popular request!


After breakfast I headed out to start shopping for a new gym while I’m up here. I’m not too happy with the one I’ve used in previous years, and a lot of the other gyms around here are not an option because of price, location, or my personal dissatisfaction with the place for one reason or another. Basically, I’m left with three possible options and two of them were closed today. LAME. Even though it’s on the other side of town, I ended up going to my dad’s gym this morning because I really wanted to get a workout in. I really liked the place; it’s a nice gym, there’s lots of lifting equipment and they offer spin classes four days a week. However, I’m not thrilled with the location. Decisions, decisions!


When I finished my workout (25 min treadmill workout, 20 min elliptical) I hit up the grocery store and then came home and wolfed down this bagelwich:


Laughing Cow wedge, turkey and avocado on an Everything Bagel Thin. Love love LOVE this combo!


I kept lunch light because we had an early dinner planned to celebrate Father’s Day and both my dad’s and aunt’s birthdays. We ended up having a lovely little spread:


My contribution:

DSC05463 Fresh spinach, strawberries, feta and walnuts

My plate:


Salad, chicken, asparagus (which I didn’t end up eating) and a tiny bit of potato casserole, plus my new favorite beer I discovered on Friday.


We also had not one, but two birthday cakes since my mom made one (chocolate with cream cheese frosting) and my grandma ended up bringing one as well.

Birthday kids!

I had a piece of my mom’s cake and a small sliver of the other one.


This was followed by more of my mom’s cake. Sooo good.


It was a great day and we have another celebratory dinner planned for tomorrow for my dad’s actual birthday. Should be fun :)

Happy Father’s Day Dad, hope it was a good one :)



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