Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Spy With My Cantaloupe Eye

It’s been another day of crossing off to-do's over here!


First up was lunch with my sister at The Silver Swan.


It’s one of my favorite local places to eat at here in Traverse City and since I haven’t been there since Christmas time I was excited to go there today.

My sister thinks that she may have a gluten sensitivity so she is going gluten-free for the next few weeks to see if she feels better. Unfortunately, the Silver Swan does not have a gluten-free menu and her options were sort of limited. She went with stuffed grape leaves, hummus and baba ganoush (without the pita bread) for her meal:


I started off with some homemade rolls (the best ever!):


And rolled with the 1/2 cantaloupe filled with chicken salad for my meal.



This was SO good. I wanted to dive face first into this chicken salad; I could seriously eat it every single day. Pecans, dried cherries, celery and fresh chicken made up a winning combination of flavor and textures.


The cantaloupe was juicy and delicious as well! In fact, I ate all the way through the bottom it :)

DSC05553I spy with my cantaloupe eye…” 


After lunch it was time for errands which included the bank, grocery store, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.


When we got home I whipped up another batch of Better-Than-Crack Brownies for a party I’m going to on Saturday afternoon. They were such a hit when I made them last week so I know that everyone will love them this weekend.


(Oh, and for the record because I know someone will say something, I am aware that these are not healthy, thankyouverymuch.)


I actually wasn’t very hungry for dinner due to all of the brownie batter and leftover chocolate chips that I ate while I was making the brownies (sorry, but it was inevitable) but I just can’t say no to my mom’s veggie burgers and sweet potato fries!



Side note: The last time I made sweet potato fries I had quite a few people ask how I make them. I actually did a post back in January about how I make my sweet potato fries, and you can click here to check it out :)


Time to tackle that messy room of mine again. I wonder what I'll find tonight? Hopefully something interesting :)




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